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English Poetry Coursework

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I have been assigned to write an English poetry coursework, I was given a range of two poems to choose to analyse. The two poems I was given to choose to analyse are the following: Firstly, "I am not that Woman", which is written by the Asian poet Kishwar Naheed, the poem was translated in to English from Urdu. And secondly "Once upon a Time", this is written by Gabrael Okara. I have chosen to analyse the essay on the poem "I am not that Woman. Kishwar Naheed was born in Bulandshahr, which is situated in India, in 1940. She is one of the best-known feminist poets of Pakistan, even at this present moment, her mother tongue was Urdu so many of the poems were originally written in Urdu. It also says that she has written ten collections of poetry, one of them poems is written on the state of women in the early days. The poet experiences the situation that the women in the past had no rights and were tortured, in other words women were discriminated. ...read more.


Moving on to the next line which talks about freedom of men the poet says 'free as the breeze, not knowing that my voice cannot be smothered by stones', the meaning of this is that if she was to shout at someone outside to escape from the trap, it is not like this that her power of speech was controlled. 'I am the one you crushed', the purpose of saying this is that beating which would take place would be unbelievable, moving on, she recites that 'with the weight of custom', the intention of saying this is that it is like a bull dozer which will hit her if a particular job is not done, or she tries to escape the village or city. Going down the block she says 'not knowing, light cannot be hidden in darkness', meaning to utter this words is that she is not that individual who is trapped and cannot be seen. Then she moves on by saying 'I am the one in whose lap you picked flowers and planted thorns and embers', these words produce ...read more.


'I am the commodity you traded in, my chastity, my motherhood and my loyalty', by saying this all the goodness was taken and was replaced by the everlasting dirty features. 'Now it time for me to flower free', this is the beginning of her life, now the time begins. 'The woman on that poster, half-naked, selling socks and shoes', she says again in her mind, it all finished. 'No, no, I am not that woman!', finally she finishes off the poem in these words that once again luckily, she's free again. Overall, the poem has a lot of metaphors and similes which make the poem inspiring and it is like eye catching in the meaning of listening, the poem is emotive, it would affect female readers the most because they, by chance have skipped them years in which women were tortured, the poem is also very sensitive because it gives out fear to those who have not been through these times. This poem would affect most of the women and in emotional men, this poem is set out nicely and goes fluently. ?? ?? ?? ?? I Am Not That Woman English Poetry Coursework Abbas Chalan ...read more.

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