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English-romeo and juliet

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DANIEL HEATH ROMEO AND JULIET COURSEWORK MR.ROOKE 10 Allen 3 Explain how Shakespeare makes Act 3 scene 1 such a memorable experience for his audience. To what extent does this scene confirm the status of Romeo and Juliet as 'star-crossed lovers'? Act 3, scene 1 is arguably the most memorable scene of the play and is the play's turning point because it emphasises the theme of 'hate' between both houses the Montagues and the Capulets. Most of the play has some memorable word play, on the other hand in act 3, scene 1 there is more of physical and visual impact, than from its language. In any production of the play (and in both screen versions of Romeo and Juliet, Zeffirelli's 1960's screen version and Baz Luhrmans 1996 reworking) this scene presents the audience with a dramatic ending that affects the remains of the play in terms of emotions. ...read more.


As Mercutio was stabbed he was still joking around as he said that "Ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man." This illustrates to the audience that even when he is dieing he still is punning on the meaning of the word "grave". After Mercutio quoted the famous line of "A plague of both your houses" a number of times in his dying moments. He clearly blames the feud (the "ancient grudge) as described in the prologue of the play this had a sudden affect on the mood within the play. When Benvolio announces that Mercutio is dead ("O Romeo, Romeo, brave Mercutio is dead") the mood dramatically changes (Particularly in Zeffirelli version). The death of Mercutio is argued to be Romeo's blemish, because of his coward ness towards fighting Tybalt, therefore Mercutio had to protect Romeo. ...read more.


More than any other scene in the play, act 3, scene 1 is a hugely dramatic visual spectacle. With at first Tybalt and Mercutio fighting, followed by Romeo and Tybalt fighting creates a really memorable experience for the audience. In conclusion to my essay Shakespeare clearly emphasises the status of Romeo and Juliet as "star-crossed" lovers throughout the play. In addition, Romeo's actions and the impact on those around him (Mercutio cursing "both Capulets and Montagues" and the Prince reminding the audience of Romeo's fate should he return to Verona) would have established his status as a catastrophic hero in Act 3 scene 1. After killing Tybalt, Romeo realised what he had done and quoted "O, I am fortunes fool". Shakespeare's audience, both at his moment of writing and today, would be aware of his dramatic calamity in this play to comprehend that as a result of what happens in this scene, the forces of fate will mean that he play must end. The play does end with Romeo and Juliet paying the price for their "death-mark'd love". ...read more.

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