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english romeo and juliet

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Based on Act 3 Scene 5, what is my opinion of Juliet's relationship with her parents? How responsible do I think they have for her tragic death? Who else do I hold responsible? In the introduction Shakespeare made us understand the story by the way of writing and that it is all about love by using stars, moon, and soon. These describe a very peaceful and enjoying moments. Shakespeare used moon, stars and so on because in those days people believe in stars, they use them to predict what the future holds for them and so on. In the beginning Romeo and Juliet had just spent the night together. Juliet doesn't want Romeo to leave because she won't see Romeo again. Romeo has been banished to Mantua because he killed Tybalt. "Must you go? It's not nearly day" - these quote shows that Juliet doesn't want Romeo to leave yet Juliet is sad and confused about Romeo leaving and not seeing each other any more, they do not know what to do. Romeo tells Juliet that he has to go or he will get arrested and will be killed. ...read more.


I think Lady Capulet was in one way or the other responsible for Juliet's death, she should have paid more attention to Juliet's wishes and listened to her opinions. Lord Capulet is a proud, cheerful, grateful, and wealthy man at the beginning of the scene. He is the lord, head of his household. He was glad and happy about Juliet's marriage, He wanted Juliet to marry Paris because he wants to be popular, important (status), and more wealthy. In those days children obeyed and respected their parents ( they worship their parents like God, Followed their rules).He didn't discuss the idea with Juliet because she never refuses to what ever they told her to do and also parents made their children decision Lady Capulet told Lord Capulet about how Juliet refused to marry Paris. Lord Capulet got really angry and started to ask Juliet why she refused to marry Paris or is she not happy, proud or thinks she is fortunate to marry Paris? Lord Capulet is angry because he has made a lot of arrangement for the engagement and also because of the status. ...read more.


Fate The problem was not the fault of anyone basically , it happened because of bad luck. It was fate that Romeo and Juliet fell in love with each other, and bad luck that the letter which could have saved their lives didn't reach Romeo in time. Conclusion As a member of the audience I would feel sad for Juliet and Romeo because their life hasn't been type of life they wanted. Everything got ruined by the two families, they are always arguing leading to them fighting. When they heard that Romeo and Juliet have married, the families didn't agree with them. I think in those days young children should have been allowed to make of the decisions- this was what Juliet's parent should have done and also discuss with her whether she wanted to get married to Paris. If they have been really close to her and also listen to what she say and asking for, then she wouldn't have gone off to marring Romeo without her parent's permission. I guess after the death of Romeo and Juliet, both families have come together to discuss why things went wrong between the families. Romeo and Juliet's death ended the feud between the two families. Olayemi Fagbemi Coursework ...read more.

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