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Ethics in a technological civilization

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Ethics in a technological civilization The great technological advances make most incredible things possible. Serious illnesses which earlier meant death can nowadays be cured. However, the modern possibilities make it harder to set a limit to the ethical bounds. In former times medical technology and surgery were only meant for curing ill people. Nevertheless times have changed, so health centres also perform plastic surgery for nothing but people wanting to improve in looks. Today many people would like to submit themselves to an operation so they get close as possible to an artificial beauty ideal. Despite the fact that many people undergo several surgeries so all can look alike the same perfect ideal, people do not want to be identical with their neighbour. Some people will get to extreme extents to be different from everybody else. In the article "I'm having my wings done" by Johann Hari the article sets out how bizarre the world of plastic surgery has come. ...read more.


The other way round the evolution in the medical technology will also be abused by athletes who wish to cheat. Technology has come to the point where it is possible to design babies with help from the gene therapy. It can be constructive with the opportunity to come for a genetic counselling and have amniocentesis which makes the doctors apple to avoid inborn disorders. Nancy Smithers declares in the article "A modern Baby", how she is suspicious about who should be able to draw the line for whether the baby is good enough to be their baby. Unfortunately the future will always stay unknown. No matter how much the human civilization advances in technological science, we are not able to foresee how our choices will affect the future. However, we can always discuss the ethical view of the modern technology, so we have made clear, what we can accept the future to be like, and what we certainly can not accept. ...read more.


Whereas text number 4 "Something New" is a fiction story. The difference is that text 4 only has a title and then the text, which is not divided into passages, but only contains line spacing. The paragraphs in text 1 makes it fast to get an overview of the article, so you fast can find the facts in the morning paper. While the meaning in text 4 is not the get a fast outline, but to read and understand the points in the short story. The language is also different in the fiction and non-fiction texts. In the article the time is present, only except when something historical is introduced. All the statements are supported with quotations from experts and the language is high-class. In text 4 the time is the past, which is typical for non-fiction stories. There is nothing in the text to state the truth (which must be considered natural, when it is a non-fiction short story). The language is ordinary and everyday English. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlotte S�rensen Engelsk aflevering 16. april 2008 2. x, VHG Bente Nielsen Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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