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Eva Smith’s Diary.

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Eva Smith's Diary August 18th 1910: Dear Diary, Today is the last day of the summer holidays, and I just don't want it to end. I've been having so much fun, and wish it would last forever. The weather has been just perfect, and all the people here are wonderful, especially Peter who works in the bar, he's lovely! These past two weeks have been great, not having to worry about work, or money, but in the morning I'll have to go back to it all again. I'll have to work hard all day, for that petty money Mr Birling pays me; it's hardly enough to buy the food I need each week. I mean, he's a nice enough man, I'm sure if I ask him he'll give us a little more, I'm sure he has some to spare, he's one of the wealthiest men in the town. August 23rd 1910: Dear Diary, Today I asked Mr Birling about a pay rise, and he was furious. He refused immediately, and started talking about us workers always wanting more, and how he was paying us just as good as any other factory. He also said that if we didn't like it, we should find a new job. Well, I can't to that, it was hard enough to get this job in the first place, and it could take forever to get a new one. ...read more.


Miss Birling came over to the hat section, where I was stacking shelves, and asked to try on a hat. Everyone could see that it didn't suit her, even her mother, but she was intent on trying it on all the same. So she did, and she saw that her mother was right. She threw down the hat, and got up to leave. As she went, she passed me, and she stopped. She looked me in the eyes briefly, and then ran away in tears. I was very confused, but got on with my work. About thirty minutes later, I was summoned to the manager's office. I knew it wasn't good by the way Jane avoided eye contact as she lead me into the room. There I was told I was to be released, after a complaint from a customer. He didn't say who it was, but I knew instantly knew who it was; Sheila Birling. He said the customer in question was much too important to lose, so I would have to go. So that was it. I was out just like that, just because some snobby, stuck-up woman didn't like being wrong. I hate being "working class", but at least I know I'll never end up like her. I may be out of a job, and short on cash, but at least I'm not so blinded by wealth that I've turned into a selfish, toffee-nosed tart. ...read more.


Eva Smith had no money, no home, and now job, but now, Daisy Renton has a nice warm apartment to stay in, plenty of food, and a very striking young man to look after her. Gerald is such a lovely man. He took me in, a complete stranger, and helped me get back on my feet. He has also given me enough money to keep me eating well, and I even have a little spare to buy some new clothes every now and again. We have met up quite a lot since that evening we met, and we have grown rather close. We have gone out for meals a few times, and we sometimes go out for a drink. But we enjoy each other's company so much that sometimes we don't go out at all, but just sit and chat for hours, before he sets off home. And from time to time he doesn't go home at all, but stays with me all night. At first it was only when we had had too much to drink, but recently, it's started being more often, and there seems to be more behind it. Before it seemed like a drunken fling, but the last few times it has been different. It almost feels like... love. September 1911: Affair Ends. Goes away for 2 months Time to think November 1911: Meets Eric. Brief affair Finds out she is pregnant Spring 1912: Goes to Mrs. Birling's Charity Thinks about suicide ...read more.

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