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Eva smiths diary

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29th August 1910 Dear Diary Today was like so many other days in that hell hole, dull boring and exhausting. It is so hot in that factory and it's filthy as well. Little Georgina cut herself only last weak on a piece of broken glass and is now lying in the infirmary close to death with a raging fever from the infection, poor thing. I don't even know why we do it I work hard enough and only earn twenty two and sixpence witch barely keeps a roof over my head. So tomorrow we ask for a raise in money and better working conditions. If we get refused we strike to teach them a lesson and get what we want which to be honest isn't much at all. 13th September 1910 Dear Diary Back to work it is then we were refused the small increase in money to twenty- five shillings Mr Burling the head of the company said it would be to expensive and increase labour costs by to much so we went on strike if only for no more than two weeks I admit it was pretty feeble but its just after the holidays and were all broke and in desperate need of money so I guess well have to survive with the low pay and the disgusting conditions we have already. 15th September 1910 Dear Diary Well I'm done for I have no parents no money and now no job or proper house. ...read more.


man to treat me right in so long he just helped me and not so he could make love to me either when he found out I was hungry he got the staff at the country hotel, where we went to have a few drinks, to find me some food. It was such a nice change to be cared for and we have agreed to meet again in two nights time witch will give me something to live for and not end it right now I hate selling myself as a 'woman of the town' but I need the money I'm going to get chucked out of the back room I stay in at the present time even if it is horribly miserable its some were to stay and I have no one to turn to. I wish I could end it but I wont not yet anyway. 3rd March 1911 Dear Diary I saw Gerald again today I don't know what's wrong with me my heart feels like its beating out my chest and for once in my life I'm happy truly happy. He got the fact of how of in need of help I am, how I have no money left and am going to be kicked out on to the streets, out of me today and instead of just leafing me to fid a miracle he helped me he has lent me the keys to a set of rooms that belonged to one of his friends who has gone away for six months or something to Canada and he's given me some money so I can keep myself although I wouldn't take it at first he made me so I did. ...read more.


Oh I am so confused. 23rd March 1912 Dear Diary I finally got seen by the women in charge of the charity today but a fat lot of good it did me, they declined my case because they did not believe me so now I haven't a clue what to do although that is partly my fault. I started with a story that my husband had abandoned me with and I was going to have a child witch is partly true but they saw through my lies when I said my name was Mrs burling which happened to be the name of the woman in the chair and when they asked who my husband was I was going to just say it was Eric but as it was his mother I wasn't going to uncover him. Like they would have believed me anyway they would have ridiculed me even more than they did. So anyway I didn't get the money and have no idea what to do next I have a little money left that will do for now. 7th April 1912 Dear Diary Live is pointless now for me and I am absolutely useless in this world. I'm not wanted by anyone and I can't bring a child into this as well I'm a germ that needs to be exterminated just like the ones in a kitchen that you kill with bleach and disinfectant. So here I go to clean earth of one unwanted nobody and save everyone else the hassle of caring anymore. Nothing left to say now but good bye life and good riddance. ...read more.

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