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Every Cloud has a silver lining.

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Every Cloud has a silver lining Scott Jones is a 27 year old, mediocre footballer, who plays for First Division club Gillingham. Gillingham are an average side who are likely to be in the First Division for a long while as they don't possess the quality to reach the Premiership, but they are too good to be relegated to Division two. Scott enjoys his job as a footballer due to the fact that he is getting paid a lot of money. He does enjoy his football, but the main reason he is a footballer is because he wants lots of money. Scott got recognised as a good footballing talent when he caught the eye of one of Gillingham FC's local scouts. Scott was playing for his Sunday league team at the age of 18, and gave an excellent performance. He had no knowledge of the scout's presence, until the manager said that the scout thought he had serious potential and wanted to sign him for Gillingham. Scott did sign, and within a few months of him joining Gillingham FC, Scott made the first team, and became a regular from there on. ...read more.


It looked incredibly painful, and Scott was in agony. The Physio came on and took him back to the medical room, to see what he had done. It was very serious and so Scott had to be taken to hospital. About an hour after taking a look at Scott and doing some tests, the doctor came back with his diagnosis. "I'm afraid, it's bad news. You've torn cruciate knee ligaments in your right knee and you have also broken your ankle. This will take an enormously long time to recover from, and there is a 50% chance you will not be able to continue your career as a footballer, if indeed you do recover" Scott's heart sank. His career was over, as was his dream of playing in the Premiership. At the age of 27 Scott would only have about 5 years maximum left to play as a footballer, but now, he would be out for at least 2 years, and if he did recover, he would be past his best. Scott was absolutely devastated. He would have to stay in hospital over night while they did more tests and then in a week, he would have to undergo a major operation. ...read more.


Scott felt great. His career had taken yet another shocking turn, but this time, it was for the best. After 8 months of working on this game, it was finally produced and was put onto the market. Scott and Eddie were both nervous as they were hoping that the game would be a huge success but didn't know how the public felt. 3 weeks after the game was put onto the market, it became the fastest selling game of the past 5 years and Eddies Company was making millions. The game that Scott hade made was a football game, and now it had been labelled "The best football game of all time". Scott's childhood dream of making his game had come true, and also he had made plenty of money, which is also what he had wanted to do from an early age. He could also now complete his other dream of playing in the Premiership, only this time it would be a digital version of him! Scott's life was now a success again, after being down and out, he turned things around, and now he has achieved his childhood goals. Fiction Coursework Tim Vague 11F ...read more.

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