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Examine several short pre 1914 short stories and comment upon how the author portrays a sense of tension and suspense. - The Speckled Band

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Jesse Damon 10D 5/17/20073 Prose Study Examine several short pre 1914 short stories and comment upon how the author portrays a sense of tension and suspense. The Speckled Band Sir Author Conan Doyle builds up a sense of tension and suspense in 'The Speckled Band by The type of story. In which a detective Sherlock Holmes has been asked to investigate a suspicious death of a young lady. Conan Doyle creates tension and suspense throughout the story by giving you all of the clues but he deliberately puts some red herrings in the story to confuse you and keep you guessing through out the story. This means that the detective is always one step ahead of the reader and this adds to the tension. Conan Doyle has used a variety of techniques to create suspense, such as using mysterious settings, strange characters, highly charged or sensitive language as well as allowing the plot to unfold in a variety of different ways. The narrator of the story is Dr.Watson, who appears in most of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Before the story even begins he already creates tension by telling you what happens but not exactly how or why. He talks about a 'promise of secrecy' that he had made but was now able to break due to the 'early death' of the lady who the pledge was given. ...read more.


Next, Holmes squats down in front of a chair and says, "Thank you. That is quite settled." This makes us wonder what he is thinking and it mystifies the reader. Lastly, they see a 'dog lash' which has been made into a loop. Watson is puzzled and bewildered as to what its purpose is and these factors all make the tension rise. Grimesby Roylott returns home at dusk and he appears to be in a bad mood. We know this because when the boy who is driving him couldn't open the gate they heard the 'hoarse roar' of the doctor's voice and they saw the fury with which he shook his 'clenched fists'. This builds to the tension, as we know that Dr.Roylott is in a bad mood and we wonder what he would do if he caught Holmes and Watson hiding in his house. We know that he is very aggressive and capable of anything. Before Watson and Holmes leave for Stoke Moran Holmes tells Watson that 'there is a distinct element of danger' in going tonight and he has doubts in even taking him. This enhances the tension as we think that it must be very unsafe and risky if Holmes fears for his friend's life. When they begin their journey the language used is particularly effective at creating suspense. ...read more.


Conclusion Tony Kytes a story that does not really portray a sense of tension and suspense compared to the speckled band. Tony Kytes dose have its slight moments when it shows signs of tension and suspense but not really regularly. This short story would An Arrest The author portrays a sense of tension and suspense by the introduction of the story when the narrator starts the story with "Having murdered his brother in law" this makes the story have a strange sense of tension and suspense as we don't know how when or why he did it. The language the author uses is very daunting and sends certain anticipation to the story. This makes the audience want to read on so they can find out where the man is actually walking to find his destination. The author has set this in a dark creepy town and the reader doesn't know where it is this causes a sense of tension and nervousness. This keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The main character in the story is somewhat weird in his own kind of way we already know that he is a murder and escape convict but I think he has his own sense of weirdness and strangeness about him. The author makes the ending just as bizarre as the beginning but the reader has a sense of anxiety when they finish the story. By Jesse Damon. ...read more.

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