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Examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and aggression in Miller's play 'A View From The Bridge' This play is about a small Italian American family living in the Red Hook waterfront district of Brooklyn

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Examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and aggression in Miller's play 'A View From The Bridge' This play is about a small Italian American family living in the Red Hook waterfront district of Brooklyn, New York. The man on the family, Eddie, works as a 'longshoreman' which is a type of docker. The family have relatives in Italy, but there is not much work in Italy. This means that many immigrants from Italy are moving from Italy to America in search of work, but this is illegal, so they have to live with relatives and not be caught by the custom officials. Eddie's family is typical of the Italian American families in New York at the time. They are harbouring two immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho. This is when the family's problems begin. The main source of these problems is Eddie's view of Manliness. As he is a longshoreman his view is that to be manly is to be strong and do nothing that could be feminine in the slightest way. This brings confrontations with Rodolpho and later Catherine and Marco. He finds Rodolpho very unmanly because he sings dances and does not box. ...read more.


This is a wrong view because Rodolpho only went to America to work not to do all these other things. This shows that Eddie is not very good at picking up other peoples feelings or the way they do things. This is cause because he is not very well educated and as he works at the docks he only respects men with muscles, this is shown when he says "he's a cook, too, He sings, He cooks" shows that Eddie cannot do these and as they are not manly he thinks badly of them. Also Rodolpho has blonde hair which makes Eddie think he is more feminine than he is. This causes the main conflict with ends with Eddie's death and Marco being sent back to Italy to his starving wife and children. The major weakness of Eddie is that he is not very articulate but makes up for it in strength. Throughout the play he shows this, like having to solve everything with arguments and inciting violence in Rodolpho (when they are boxing) and trying to fight Marco when he is called names. This makes Eddie a very vulnerable character in the play, but one of the main causes of trouble for all the other family members. ...read more.


The language in the play is that of a typical New York Italian American family living in the suburbs and the words would be said in a new Yorker way. Words such as "sump'm?" and "didja" show this New Yorker way. Another thing to notice is the use of apostrophes in this play; this is shown by "lookin'" and "nothin'". Also there is a lot of anger in this play which is shown in the text at parts of the play when some characters are angry, annoyed or trying to express themselves. The words in the play are also shown that characters like Eddie can't express themselves too well and there words show this. It makes the characters sound more angry if they say words in a certain way and it makes the whole play much better. The play expresses the feelings of manliness very well in the form of Eddies conflict with Rodolpho, Catherine and later Marco. It shows the feelings of aggression very well in the numerous moments of friction and arguments. It also shows how even members of the same family can be hostile to each other when provoked like Eddie is, and Marco is when he kills Eddie. This play is very interesting and shows all sides of problems in a family and how people should be wide minded unlike Eddie is. ...read more.

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