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Examine the relationship between George and Lennie

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Of Mice and Men Examine the relationship between George and Lennie. Do you think it is of mutual dependence or does George have the upper hand? Throughout this novel George and Lennie have an extremely strong relationship. This is proven the whole way through the story from when they are travelling at the very start to the very last conversation they have together. We understand that Lennie appears to be totally reliant upon George for his own survival. Lennie has the mentality of a child and this is the reason he relies upon George so much. At the beginning of the novel when George is talking to Slim he says that Lennie 'ain't bright. Hell of a good worker though. Hell of a nice fella, but he ain't bright.' ...read more.


George's reliance upon Lennie is a lot deeper than that of Lennie's towards him. George admits to Slim, during a conversation about himself and Lennie, that, 'It's a lot nicer to go around with a guy you know.' This can show that George isn't just using Lennie or just looking after him out of a sense of pity or duty to Lennie's Aunt Clara who died before they left to work on ranches. It appears to me that George and Lennie's relationship seems like George has the upper hand but by the end of the novel I fell it is obvious that their relationship is of mutual dependence towards each other. Lennie's trust and reliance upon George is at the surface and is therefore unmistakably recognisable but to enable us to understand the reliance and trust of which George has on Lennie we must look for it a lot deeper. ...read more.


He asks George to tell him that they are different because they have someone to go around with so they're not alone. He also asks George to tell him about their ranch that they were planning on getting. George did tell Lennie all about their ranch and then told him to close his eyes and imagine it. As he did George shot Lennie in the back of the head and George was left without his companion Lennie. In conclusion I think George and Lennie had a mutual dependence although sometimes it seemed as though George had the upper hand but in the end that is not the case as George also had his need for Lennie's friendship which made up for looking after Lennie as it means he didn't have to travel alone in the general unfriendly and lonely environment of the migrant worker. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rachael Gamble 4P ...read more.

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