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Examine the settings, which the writers have chosen for their stories in "The Signalmen", "The man with the twisted lip" and "The red room". Consider the effects that each writer has created and how they contribute to the atmosphere.

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Settings Examine the settings, which the writers have chosen for their stories in "The Signalmen", "The man with the twisted lip" and "The red room". Consider the effects that each writer has created and how they contribute to the atmosphere. In "The signalmen" the author, Charles Dickens keeps the reader in suspense by setting the story in a dark tunnel in a railway station. The story contains a sense of mystery and tension. In "The Red Room" the author, HG Wells describes the setting of the castle in a lot of detail. The story also features images of gothic literature like ghosts, hidden room and witchcraft. "The Man with a Twisted Lip" by Conan Doyle is one of many Sherlock Holmes tales. This story contains mystery and murder. The mystery in the story keeps the reader in suspense and makes them want to keep reading. "The Signalman", by Charles Dickens was written in the 1860s when railways were a new mode of transport. For Dickens the choice of setting was contemporary. Early in the 1860s Charles was involved in a train crash. ...read more.


It makes me as a reader think why the signalman shows fear? The signalmen himself in the story is described as looking mysterious, "A dark shallow man". To me this adds and builds up tension because the signalman was thought to be mysterious when he is known as a highly educated man? The sort of language used to describe the setting also contributes to the atmosphere, for example, "stepped in the glow of an angry sunset". Here the narrator is describing the evening, as darkness is about to fall. The vivid red sky. This contributes to the story because it uses describing words to create the atmosphere creates. We also see tension in the short story in one of the conversations between the visitor and the signalman. The visitor says to the signalman "I believed you to be a contented man?" the signalman replied, "I believed I used to be, but I am troubled sir, I am troubled. The repetition of "I am troubled" creates tension because it is strange about what is troubling the signalman this also adds ominous to the story. ...read more.


This is describing what is seen in detail and where its been seen by the investigation team. This contributes to the atmosphere because it is a murder scene, which makes the story spooky because it is a mystery, which makes you wonder where Neville Saint Claire is, and makes you want to read to the end to find out what happened. The language used in "The man with the twisted lip" is sinister it suggests evil, eerie; mystery and also phantom which makes you has a reader imagine the atmosphere. "The Signalman, "The Red Room and "The Man with the Twisted Lip" have many different and similar. Some of the similar are that in all three stories are written in first person. This makes the reader share and experience of the significant setting; also all three stories become Victoria because at the time she was queen. Another similar are all three stories have darkness, flicking candles and glooming, shadows and light. The Red Room and The Signalman have sign of supernatural and unnatural, both stories are also linked to phantom and sprits. A different in the three stories is that they are all set in different settings. ...read more.

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