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Examine the theme of justice in the play "A View from the bridge"

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Examine the theme of justice in the play "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" BY Arthur Miller "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" is a play by Arthur Miller about the world of the New York waterfront .Arthur Miller described the waterfront as "the wild west, a desert beyond law". The play is based on a society with a large proportion of illegal immigrants from Sicily who have been smuggled into the country by sea. We learn from Marco and Rodolfo, who are illegal immigrants that come to the country and stay with Eddie and his family, that life in Sicily is very rigorous and even the harsh world of the waterfront , is better than life back at home. The society of the waterfront is based on Sicilian values. Violence is common, loyalty to your family is considered very important and the corporate federal law is something that most characters fear, as most if not all, have broken the law in one way or another. Within the society there are quite clearly 2 or 3 different types of law: community law, family law and Alfieri`s corporate federal law. Throughout the play it is very clear that the community law is far more important to the characters than the corporate federal law. ...read more.


Alfieri himself says "This is not God... only God makes justice". The idea that the corporate federal law is inadequate comes out in a few places in the play. The best reference is when Marco is in jail and talks to Alfieri about what will happen to Eddie. Marco says "The law? All the law is not in a book" to which Alfieri replies "yes in a book, there is no other law" this clearly sums up how inadequate the corporate federal law really is. At the beginning of the play Alfieri says "law is very important here" by the end of the play he says "justice is very important here" signifying a change from the need for law to the need for justice. However there is another type of law, the community law. This can be broken down further between members of the Carbone family and the law between the members of the immigrant community. Within the Carbone family Eddie is the 'boss', he makes his own rules and the rest of the family have to abide by them. That system works well as long as Catherine and Beatrice agree with Eddie but as soon as they disagree the whole system breaks down. ...read more.


During the confrontation earlier Marco raised a chair like a weapon symbolic of a fight yet to come. Justice is the key factor in the final out come of "A View From The Bridge" as without the need for it the ending would have been totally different. I think Arthur Miller wrote this play to give people an insight on how justice doesn't always prevail when a strong bond is broken. I think he was inspired o write the play because his parents were immigrants, and he also came across many Italian immigrants. I think Miller wanted to give people an insight into the lives of these illegal immigrants to show that many of them only want to work to send money home in comparison to his parents. I think the effect that justice had on Eddie destroyed the bond between the family as it drove Catherine away and nearly Beatrice. I think the reason Beatrice stayed with Eddie was because she is very mentally fragile and did not have enough will power to leave him. I think the person obviously affected most was Eddie, as it was his own unrequited discreet love for Catherine that drove him to turn to the law and dishonour the community, and lose his life. ZARAR MOHAMMED 10 A 2 ENGLISH COURSEWORK MRS YATES ...read more.

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