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Examine the ways in which education has changed Rita?

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Examine in the ways in which education has changed Rita? Max Cunnane 5th School When we first meet Rita in the play she is a hairdresser and is fed up with it. At nights her and her partner Denny go out to the local pub for drinks and songs with all their friends, she has no children even though she is being pressured by Denny to have them. Rita then realises the futility of what she has become and where it is going to take her if she carries on this way. So she decides to get and education. She applies to the Open University and get in and Franks is her tutor. Frank and Rita have much in common and we can see this from their first meeting. We find out the first time they meet that they both have partners and eventually they both break up with their partners. They both get along well with each other from the very start. Frank- ' You are?' questioning as to her name. Rita- ' What am I?' This is then repeated and Frank is left confused, and Rita continues to make herself at home. ...read more.


Then getting angry with Frank and accusing him of inviting her so him and his friends could laugh at her. I think that this showing us how Rita doesn't know herself where she should be, as she doesn't fell at home anywhere 'with Deny and friends'. Obviously not with 'Frank and his friends, this all links in with the quote 'Who am I?' said by Rita at the beginning of the play. When Rita goes to summer school she is not only extending her knowledge further than what Frank has been teaching her but she extending her address book of other people who share the same views as her. This is a very symbolic scene for me showing that Rita really is expanding her education, doing the extra curricula and meeting and making friends with new people along the way. This for me real start of Rita' journey to becoming an educated woman, I say this because after this scene Rita appears a lot more confident and secure in that her ideas and thoughts are valid and sensible. And of course Rita approaching students and starting up a heated debate with her in the middle and winning. ...read more.


Another way of reading the same quote is Rita no longer has Deny on her back telling her what to do. Her new male attraction is Tiger (a possible future) he is a student at the University the same as Rita, and now she is a newly educated woman she is able think sensible about him and make criticisms about him, 'What a wanker'. This is the opinion someone who used to be in ore of him and now she is able to look down on him, and criticisms. Her power to think critically is what Frank has given her , this is a skill that Rita will have for the rest of her life. Another important moment for me is when Frank gives Rita the dress he brought for 'an educated woman friend' of his, he put the emphasis on woman I think showing how much Rita has matured mentally over the period he has been tutoring her. The final point I have to make is that at the very end of the book where Rita gives something back to Frank, a haircut. This for me is showing Rita's gratitude towards Frank for everything he had done for her. Max Cunnane Page1 ...read more.

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