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Examine the ways Priestly uses Eric and Shelia to expose the moral bankruptcy of the Birling family to the audience, following the departure of the Inspector in Act 3.

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Examine the ways Priestly uses Eric and Shelia to expose the moral bankruptcy of the Birling family to the audience, following the departure of the Inspector in Act 3 In the play ' An Inspector Calls' created J B Priestly the Birling family have been overshadowed by their past conducts. In the play the family to start off are wealthy and have a good name which they are all proud of. But things change throughout the story as the families past actions towards another person come out by an unexpected visitor. And the families relationship seems to be falling apart as they all find out what their past actions has done to a female who was in their lives for a while. The family find out how each member of the family effected the life of a women whom they had contact with in recent months and what their actions had done. From the family members actions they have led a girl to commit suicide and the Inspector is there to tell them what they have done and teach them a lesson. But after the Inspector leaves the family are all worried that their good name will mean nothing and are worried about them selves but don't care what has happened to the women who has committed suicide as the Inspector alleged. ...read more.


This shows that Sheila has very deep feelings on her involvement with Eva Throughout the story the character of the Inspector tells us that it is wrong to live a lie, yet in the end he is nothing but one big lie himself. This says a very important thing about Priestly's socialist message. It is not who delivers the message that is important but the message itself. the respect for the Inspector seems to grow throughout the play until at times Sheila seems to assume the role of the Inspector when he is not there, questioning and interrogating the rest of the characters in his absence. This gets Priestly's socialist message across by saying that people can and are allowed to change I feel that Priestly presents the social issues of the Edwardian period in 'An Inspector Calls' through the characters. There are many places in the play where the social issues can be seen. Eric can be seen to be drawing a comparison between the Upper class owners, and the lower class workers. Eric can see the comparison between Mr Birling trying to do the best for them, and the workers doing the same for themselves and their families. Mr Birling won't allow these sentiments, however, and sees them as a bad attitude Edna is the maid of house. ...read more.


But the family still don't understand that they have done wrong. Also the family is relieved that their name will be still known for good reason and nothing will happen to them by this accusation as it all was false. But the family still don't see sense except Sheila who knows that the family had done wrong but they are just forgetting about it. Also the Inspector tries to make Mrs. Birling see the connection between herself and Eva. He says, "You've had children. You must have known what she was feeling". Mrs. Birling, thinking that she is of the upper class and incomparable to people such as Eva Smith, dismisses this as rude and offensive. He also says, "I've thought that it would do us all a bit of good if sometimes we tried to put ourselves in place of these young women counting their pennies in their dingy little back bedrooms." Clearly, the Inspector believes that we are all the same as he tries to suggest that the Birling's put themselves in the shoes of those less fortunate. Overall the story affected me in some ways. I was appalled by the irresponsibility's shown by the Birling's as they refused to take any blame after they found out that the inspector was a false. Shahid Abdus ...read more.

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