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Excuse me,

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English Language: The Bully I strolled into the King Kebab restaurant in Haringey, London and sat down at the counter as all of the tables were taken. I picked up a menu and began to look at the various items trying to decide if I wanted to order breakfast or just go ahead and eat lunch. "Excuse me," said someone, as they touched me on the shoulder. I looked up and turned to the side to see a rather nice looking woman standing before me. "Is your name Adnan by any chance?" she asked me. "Yes." I responded looking rather confused, as I had never seen the woman before. "My name is Yeliz and over there is my husband Serdar," she said, pointing to a distant table near the door leading into the toilets. I looked in the direction that she was pointing but I did not recognize the man who was sitting, alone at the table. "I'm sorry. I'm, ah. ...read more.


He raised his hand and waved at me. I stared back, showing no emotions, "how dare he act like a long lost friend" I thought to myself even though I was angry I was to afraid to show the anger and turned back around and began to eat my breakfast. "Gosh. He's so' thin now. Not the big fat guy that I remember from back in 1999," I thought to myself. This boosted my morale and I had the sudden desire to confront him, and tell him how he permanently scarred my mind. I rose like an angry mobster, marched towards his table, at rage stomping floor like a giant. As I marched closer and closer to the distant table, all of a sudden I heard the sound of dishes breaking so I spun my head around to see what had happened. Serdar had accidentally hit several plates knocking them off the table as he was trying to get into his wheelchair, which had been parked, in the bathroom corridor while they were eating. ...read more.


"You remember. Don't you?" he said, looking directly into my eyes. "I remember, Serdar," I said. "I can't tell you how ashamed I am for what I've done," he said in great honesty. "I guess you're thinking 'What goes around comes around'," he said, softly. "I would never think like that, Serdar," I said, with a strict look on my face. He reached over and grabbed both of my hands and squeezed them tightly. "Is how I feel in this wheelchair how you felt way back then when you were in school?" he asked me. "Almost, Serdar. You are very lucky. You have someone to push you around who loves you. I didn't have anyone." I responded. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a business card that had my home telephone number written on it and I handed it to him. "Give me a call sometimes. We'll do lunch," I told him. We both laughed. I stood there watching as they drove toward the High Road and finally disappeared through the corner streets. I hope he calls me sometime. He will be the only friend that I have from my secondary school days. ...read more.

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