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Experiment to find the ratio of Magnesium to Oxygen in Magnesium Oxide.

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Experiment to find the ratio of Magnesium to Oxygen in Magnesium Oxide Aim The aim of this experiment was to find the ratio between magnesium and oxygen in magnesium oxide. You must find the amount of products and reactants. To do this it is possible to use the following method Method Equipment: * Crucible and crucible lid * 4cm of magnesium(s) strip * Electric balance * Bunsen burner * Tripod * Crucible stand * Pair of tongs Instructions: 1. Select a complete crucible and lid. 2. Clean the crucible and lid to make sure that there will be no other reactants inside the crucible other than what is required. ...read more.


9. Occasionally, using a pair of tongs, briefly lift the crucible lid to see if the reactants have stopped reacting. This also allows extra oxygen to get into the normally sealed crucible thus allowing the reactants to react fully. 10. Once it appears that the reactants have finished reacting turn off the Bunsen burner and allow the crucible to cool. When the crucible is cool weigh it using the electric balance (the weight should have increased from step five). 11. Repeat steps seven to ten until the final weight remains constant, thus all the reactants have been used up. Calculations Weight in grams Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Crucible and lid 32.21 34.51 Crucible and lid containing magnesium 32.24 34.54 Crucible and lid containing magnesium oxide 32.25 ...read more.


From the results in the tables concerning the second experiment it is possible to see that magnesium oxide has the formula MgO. The correct formula for magnesium oxide is MgO. Therefore an error has occurred in experiment one. Sources of error Possible sources of error include: * The crucible may not have been completely clean therefore there will have been reactants in there that have not been included in the calculations. * The electric balance may not have been working correctly or may have given results that were not precise enough thus making the calculations wrong. * In step nine when the crucible lid was lifted some of the product may have escaped. ...read more.

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