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Explain the ways Shakespeare shows who or what is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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Explain the ways Shakespeare shows who or what is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare shows who or what was to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death through his characters. The most important characters that influenced their deaths were Romeo, Friar Lawrence but also the feud between the two households. It was Romeo's own fault that they were to both die because he agreed to go to the ball even though he knew that something bad was to happen. Shakespeare showed this by the use of diction, character flaw, the sense of foreboding and dramatic irony. I fear too early, for my mind misgives Some consequence yet hanging in the stars Shall bitterly begin his fearful date With this night's revels, and expire the term Of a despised life clos'd in my breast, By some vile forfeit of untimely death. But He that hath the steerage of my course Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen. (Act 1 Scene 4) This quotation proves that he knew that if he goes, then something bad could happen-some consequence, and also proves that Romeo was immature in the sense that he took no notice of the way he felt of what was going to happen-my mind misgives. Such as, there would be unnecessary death-by some vile forfeit of untimely death. ...read more.


Although he tries to talk some sense into her, she is still threatening to kill herself. So, he says that if she has the will to kill herself so that she will not have to marry Paris, but could be with Romeo instead-then it is likely thou wilt undertake, he suggests that a thing like faking her death could hide the shame and escape from marriage if she dares take the vile. The syntax in his sentences show how reluctant he was until he realised how much Romeo meant to her, so helped her. This is how Friar Lawrence's character flaw shows mostly deciding too quickly. In my opinion, Friar Lawrence's intentions were for a good cause although he didn't plan out the aftermath. He rushed into it without any thought. He thought he could solve everything with just that one plan. Obviously it did not turn out like that. What he should have done was to sit down with Juliet and talk about what to do if there was anything to do. This brings me to the next reason why Friar Lawrence was to blame, by leaving Juliet alone in the tomb. Shakespeare shows this by how Friar Lawrence's diction that shows how selfish he is, cautious of being caught by the watchman and the interaction between him and Juliet at that point in the story. ...read more.


In conclusion to all these paragraphs about how Shakespeare showed who was to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death, I will discuss who was the most influence. Firstly I think that Romeo agreeing to go to the ball was not the most important factor as he could not be certain that something bad would happen. So, because he was not certain, then this was not the most important factor. Friar Lawrence's influence on their deaths was a major factor. Firstly he got them married. Although it was meant as a good intention, it still caused problems, but I think that this was not important enough as to actually lead to their deaths. Secondly, he gave Juliet the remedy. I think this was a large factor to their deaths although he was reluctant to give the remedy to her at first; he still gave it to her. Lastly, he left Juliet in the tomb. I think this is the least major factor which caused them to die because Romeo was already dead and Juliet would have most probably killed herself later on. The feud was a very big influence because if there had not been one then this would have not happened. As the conflict could not be resolved in any way, this eventually led to their deaths. So, overall, I think that the feud was the most important factor leading to Romeo and Juliet's death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Johnston Page 1 ...read more.

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