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Explore Anita Desais intensely evocative, descriptive style in Studies in the Park

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Games at Twilight Q. Explore Anita Desai's intensely evocative, descriptive style in 'Studies in the Park' Anita Desai is a world renowned, Indian novelist and short-story writer. 'Studies in the Park' is merely one of her vast collection of short-stories, however, it is one of the most expressive stories, and it also conveys Anita Desai's immensely communicative style of writing. 'Studies in the Park' is set in the late 1970's, in contemporary India. It talks about a young boy, Suno, who is determined to do well in his exams that are a few months away. He is frequently pressurised by his parents, to study hard, and do well. However he is constantly disturbed by the repeated noise, and cannot study. He decides to go to a nearby park, which turns out to be an ideal location for him to study. ...read more.


This example is a typical instance where Anita Desai utilises first person, to portray an emotion. Diction is an essential component of Anita Desai's style of writing, she uses a diverse collection of words to indicate the precise feeling that the protagonist is experiencing. For example, in the line "...rest of them standing and peering in..." the word "peering" is accurate as it portrays the "curiosity" and the "nosiness" of the brothers and sisters. Another example is in the line "... snarled at him..." The word "snarled", in this context, implies that Suno is very irritable and ill-tempered at this moment. The word is precise, and specific, and thus, it makes the line more communicative and expressive. Anita Desai uses imagery as well, at many occasions, in an attempt to invoke vividness and clarity in the story. For example, in the line "Bag-like women in grey and fawn saris ... ...read more.


The line "Just then she lifted her veil...Divine, I felt, or insane" indicates a new revelation that takes place in Suno's mind, and with the use of imagery Anita Desai is able to depict this more vividly. During this phase, Desai uses many similes to describe the lady in the epiphany, and hence depict the new revelation. For example, in the line "...her borkha, like a flower..." This line compares the lady's face to a "wax-white", lifeless flower that shows importance of health in life. 'Studies in the Park' is very communicative and expressive; there are various descriptions and accurate diction that are essential components in the story. These have made the story more understandable and comprehensible, thus the central theme and message of the story has been portrayed competently. Anita Desai's descriptive writing style is extremely graphic and illustrative: it focuses mainly on descriptions, images and precise diction to portray a particular point. Thus she has been able to depict the importance of everything in life: health, religion, family and love. ...read more.

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