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Explore the character of Sherlock Holmes in a range of shortstories - How do you think the original might have responded and modern readers to the character.

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Coursework Aittia Mahmood Explore the character of Sherlock Holmes in a range of short stories. How do you think the original might have responded and modern readers to the character. Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest fictional inspectors of all time; he was created by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is recognised all over the world as a tall thin man with a cape carrying a magnifying glass. He is a detective who is behind the solving of the most mysterious crimes. Conan Doyle set his Sherlock Holmes stories during the 1840's, this period being the Victorian times. It was an era where there were social differences, and a person was usually judged by the way society perceived them. ...read more.


Ms Stoner has a mysterious murder which she needs solved, however at first she underestimated Holmes, until he amazes her when he tells her that he knows exactly where she came from and how long it took her just by her appearance. Sherlock Holmes is very quick witted and open minded, which shows when he is in the story of the Silver Blaze. Everybody assumes that John Striker was murdered but in actual fact the horse kicked him in the chest and he was instantly killed. Holmes is also both courageous and very patient. In the story of the Speckled Band he endangers himself in order to solve the crime, by waiting patiently in the dark for the snake to come out of the shaft. ...read more.


For the original readers Sherlock Holmes was new and different. It was the first of its kind. People showed great interest as the books and stories became more popular. It attracted many different kinds of people. Conan Doyle wanted to attract the younger generation as well as the older. He portrayed Sherlock Holmes as a detective with the ability to solve crimes supernaturally. It challenged people mentally this is one of the reasons it became it became a success. People today have grown up with seeing Sherlock Holmes in television and films and also in literature. Holmes today attracts more of the older generation than the younger. The modern audience prefers new and different things. The story lines are interesting but the Victorian setting does not attract younger people as much. ...read more.

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