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Explore the representation of teenagers in a film?

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Explore the representation of teenagers in a film? Filmmakers have been making movies about teenagers in the 80's-90's the representation has been about girls and boys, the movies have been mostly based on boys being geeks and nerds, and the girls are more attractive, backstabbing and jealous of each other. Now am going to talk to you about 3 movies which prove that girls are represented as backstabbing, jealousy and gossiping and boys are nerds, geeks and always busy in they own social life Doing what they like for e.g. tricking they own parents. The film mean girls is about a home school girl where she gets transferred in to an American high school where she gets her self in an popular crowd "where she did not want to get her self in" as time passes on she discovers a new side of her where the relationships teenage girls have with each other. In this movie teenage girls are portrayed as backstabbers and very mean and stubborn. The main group in this film is known as the plastics they act superior to everyone else and the attitude of wannabes reflect this. ...read more.


And I think this movie is based on really day bases is like how teenagers are in the movie and how they are in real life. When Ferris is in his room the room reveals information about Ferris which expose his interests and the reasons he acts so rebellious. For e.g. it shows televisions which again show the wealth of the family and how spoilt he is. . I think the way teenagers are dressed in the movie shows how they dress in real life to look attractive and that's right, in the movie as well where there is a scene Jeanie Is in the police station and because of her attractiveness the guy and her get on with each other which shows a bad reputation to the society and even though Jeanie's mum is just inside that shows how they're parents are not caring who they with and shows every one an impression of Jeanie and her mother how they are like. I think the movie Juno is different to these both movies this actually shows how much girls are and how much boys are as teenagers. ...read more.


of them self's getting pregnant as just teenagers, only in school which then again shows and bad impression of how teenagers can be in real life due to the movie Juno. Overall form all these three movies I think teenagers are stubborn and bitchy with each other which clearly shows the jealousy part of teenagers have with each other. And that is a very commonly used stereotype for teenagers. I think even in the real world they like that always have a bad impression but sometimes good as well for e.g. the movie Juno shows that she made a mistake but then shows how brave she is to carry the baby around where ever she goes, which shows a good repetition for the society on teenagers so the public can think not all teenagers are bad and Juno is the different one from all of am which shows her courage to be a teenager and have a social life and being careful for next time shows an good thing to every other teenager where they don't one day be in the same situation as Juno and can learn from her mistakes which is presented good to the society and other teenagers form the world. ...read more.

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