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Explore the way Arthur Miller writes about justice in A View from the Bridge. Write about Eddie and Marco's search for justice

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Explore the way Arthur Miller writes about justice in A View from the Bridge. Write about Eddie and Marco's search for justice and the feeling that the law is sometimes inadequate. The play is set in an Italian community. Italy is the homeland of the majority of the people in the Red hook community. Italy represents homeland, origin and culture to Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine. Arthur Miller reveals that Italy has a different meaning to each character. Marco has left Italy, his home and family to seek better opportunities so that he is able to support his family more efficiently. Catherine associates Italy with mystery, romance and beauty. Rodolpho, on the other hand, is actually from Italy, and thinks it is a place with little opportunity that he would like to escape from. All of the characters, as much as they love the benefit of living in the U.S., still strongly hold to Italian traditions and identify it as home. Italy is the basis of the cultural traditions in Red Hook and unites the community through normal sociable situations and religion. Arthur Miller sets the play in New York, Red Hook: 'the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge ...the gullet of New York'. Miller may have chosen to set the play in New York because he was born there him self, or because of the history of American Migration. In the play Marco and Rodolpho illegally migrate to New York to look for better job opportunities. ...read more.


The neighbourhood doesn't even consider the fact that they possibly inflicted an injustice upon Vinny, (Vinny was technically following the federal law when he informed on his uncle). The community believes that they have the right to decide whether justice or injustice has taken place. This betrayal also echoes what happens in the rest of the play. The story of Vinny Bolzano shows dramatic irony on Eddie because he eventually does what Vinny did-tells the immigration Bureau about the illegal immigrants his family are hiding. Miller makes Eddie's opposition to betrayal seem extreme to make him being the betrayer seem illogical: 'Just remember, kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away.' This quote reveals the irony and madness of Eddie's character. The quote also suggests that Eddie knows his own fate, but he can't escape it. Eddie watches himself make decisions that he knows will ruin his reputation in the community. Eddie is unable to stop the consequences of his betrayal because of his unspoken love for Catherine. Eddie makes recourse to the law that he spurned when he telephones the immigration Bureau. Eddie's idea of justice is that revenge is acceptable, even if he has to go against the law of his community, and embrace the federal law. Eddie sides with the official law because he feels that this will enable him to seek revenge from Rodolpho. Eddie feels that Rodolpho 'taking' Catherine with out permission is an injustice imposed upon himself: 'I see it in his eyes; he's laughin' at her and he's laughin' at me.' ...read more.


You hear? Only God makes justice.' Miller uses this quote to combine the theme of religion and justice, therefore showing Alfieri as a man who still holds to Italian traditions and religion. Alfieri is a lawyer, but he still believes that in certain situations it is better to abide by the law of your community: 'you won't have a friend in the world, Eddie! Even those who understand will turn against you; even the ones who feel the same will despise you!' This quote shows that Alfieri is trying to warn Eddie of the consequences that will arise if he betrays his community and family. According to Alfieri God only makes real justice- he feels that the law is only able to deal with crime and punishment: '...the law is nature. The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.' Alfieri's opening speech includes some of his views on justice-this sets up the rest of the play. The opening speech makes several references to concepts of justice and the law, e.g. 'in this neighbourhood to meet a lawyer or a priest on the street is unlucky.' This quote reveals that people in the neighbourhood distrust and oppose the official and religious laws. They like to take the law into their own hands. Alfieri also makes several references to crime and punishment: 'Oh, there were many here who were justly shot by unjust men.' This quote is suggesting that the community do not rely on the federal law to deliver justice; instead they take the law into their own hands. ...read more.

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