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Fantasy story

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Fantasy story As he walk around the Magicworld theme park, Tom saw lots of people rushing here and there working hard at enjoying themselves. It was an exciting experience for people on their hoildays as there were a huge variety of rides and activities available. However for Tom it was a prison because he had been working there for more than five years . Everyday he repeats the same job over and over---controlling the biggest haunted house in the world. He kept on doing this boring job until one day he finally exploded: "Help! Help me get of of here. I don't want to stay here any more!"Tom shouted as he looked towards the haunted house. He dreaded going near it again as he did the same old tricks each time. ...read more.


But no one could hear him. Tom was really frustrated as he had been shouting for more than half an hour with no reply. And now he started feeling panic rising in him.He sat on the lid over the toilet seat while he frantically tried to think .As he moved around he realized the toilet lid had become loose,he jumped up grabbed hold of it and hurled it at the window smarching away through the outside world! "Ohh-yea, freedom at last"he shouted victoriously. However he noticed his words echoing around the deserted theme park. He was still trapped because every where was locked up for the night.He felt his anger and frustration rising inside him again as he realized that he would be there for the whole night .He turned round and in front of him was the haunted house.In the twilight, the building looked dark and mysterious .Out ...read more.


facing him.Just then his arm was clutched tightly from behind.He tried to look back but there was nothing there and the door was locked.Suddenly he was pushed forward over a trap door in the floor and he felt himself falling downwards through a long dark tunnel into a large hall. Tom had found where the music was coming from,as in fromt of him was a crowd of mummies dancing around and having a party .They were dressed up in human clothes and they were having a human party just like halloween. At the beginning, no one has realize a human had entered in to their hall, but as soon as Tom walked into the mummies crouwd and finding what was going on.One of the female mummies screamed and shouted ' we have been discovered!hurry up, hide ourselves!'.All mummies rushed into a small room and locked themselves inside it . ...read more.

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