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Fear Essay

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White lines I unpacked my stuff and began to get changed, listening out for my name and answering as instructed. Nervously I tightened my laces, my skin shivering involuntarily as we were ordered outside. As the air hit my skin, I felt the cold send a shiver up my spine as we marched in a single file, towards the beginning of a nightmare Finally we reached the spot. We were separated into two groups. I was put into group B and watched as group A were taken away. I desperately wanted to leave but knew I didn't dare - I'd heard the rumours. Five minutes later and the tension had turned unbearable. How much longer were they going to make us wait? A droplet of sweat dribbled down my forehead and off my nose. What had I done to deserve this? What had any of us done to deserve this? ...read more.


He looked how I felt - did I look as bad as he did? Wouldn't be surprised. The tension was building up...I was so scared. Rubbing my hands together in an attempt to warm them up, didn't work. Funny how you can sweat and yet be frozen at the same time. I couldn't breathe and I struggled to get any air into my lungs. The butterflies in my stomach made me feel ill. They began to explain, "Take short deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, ha-ha. I think it's time Mr Smith!" laughed Mr Woods. "Don't forget to stay in between the white lines or you'll be doing it again!" *BANG* *BANG*. It had started... My heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest, all I could hear was the thumping beat. ...read more.


I looked to my left and saw group A the stragglers slowly coming to an end, sir checking his watch. The distance wasn't that far just take it slow save energy I thought to myself. Looking straight ahead I blocked everything out my mind time to make this serious, humiliation was not an option. Soon I lost ground on my "pacemaker". I can do better than this putting my head down I gave it everything I had with only 400 metres left it was all or nothing, I couldn't feel my legs. My arms were aching, hands shaking. I saw Darren and the rest. Could I do it only time would tell... 300 metres came, it was taking so long. With every step I was making the space between me and Darren and the rest, smaller. Everything was a blur I had to do this I couldn't come last in cross country I closed my eyes ran straight ahead I knew the finish line was near I put my head forward stretched out as far as I could and then it was over... ...read more.

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