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Feelings in life and in communication.

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FEELINGS IN LIFE AND IN COMMUNICATION "Emotion is always new and the word has always served; therein lies the difficulty of expressing emotion" Victor Hugo. As Victor Hugo said it is really difficult for people to express emotion and it is especially hard when we want to express our feelings through the language. However, all people feel and show emotions from time to time. Some of us can express them openly; others repress it - they cannot or will not express them. According to Bernstein, there is evidence that both repressing and expressing our feelings too intensely can be dangerous, not only for our health but also for mental condition. To talk about ways of showing feelings and using the language during that process, first we have to establish what "emotions" are. ...read more.


human body and mind react for the feeling or how the feeling is expressed; - how our physical and mental reactions influence on further living through emotion. Terms "feeling" or "emotion" is not only unclear and complicated but also similar to other concepts and that makes it even less understood. We can talk about feelings and take them into consideration in three different meanings: - as a specific state of mind which can be sensed positively or negatively; - as a mental process connected with satisfying our lofty needs; - as our general and permanent attitude about a subject , ideas or people. Because definitions of some feelings partly agree with descriptions of the other ones, it is usually really difficult to separate particular emotions. ...read more.


It is possible that the number of emotions can be infinitely high and therefore there is no point in counting them. What we feel depends entirely on our way of thinking, our previous experiences and memory. Every human is the only of its kind; completely different from every other people who have ever lived on our planet. To consider ways of expressing emotions through the language, I had to establish which of positive feelings are the most important from my point of view. I have chosen only two from Plutchik's list, i.e. kindness and joy. I have decided that I would take into consideration some other, in my opinion very important positive feelings such as love, friendship and sympathy. Every emotion has a lot of shades so it is rather difficult or even impossible to define it clearly enough to be accepted by everybody. ...read more.

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