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Fight back.

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Fight back Lisa raised her hand and wiped her forehead, blood started to drip down her face. She looked at her hands and started to scream, she hadn't realized she was sitting in a pool of blood. She checked herself and finally realized that the blood wasn't hers, shocked, she got up and slowly walked towards the door. She suddenly jumped back, banging her spine against the wall and falling onto the floor. Her fathers body laid in front of her, his face had been disfigured and she could hardly tell it was him. A pool of blood surrounded his body, she tried to scream but nothing came out. There was a baseball bat drenched in blood next to the body, and a riffle that had been thrown to the floor a few meters away. She ran downstairs, just to find her older brothers body on the floor with a bullet through his head. Tears lashed out and she fell down the stairs, she rushed to her brothers body. She held him in her arms and cried, she looked around as she cried for help. She then let go of her brother as she saw two legs hanging from the kitchen ceiling, she walked slowly towards the body and horrified, found it to be her mothers. Her body fell to the floor and she cried, she looked around the house and all she could see was death all around. ...read more.


She sat on the couch and just stared at the walls, whole run, the baseball had just hit a whole run. Lisa suddenly leaned towards the TV, baseball. She saw somebody hit her father over the head with a baseball bat repeatedly, she must have been near. She could see everything so clearly, whoever killed him must have been after her as well. Something must have happened for him to run away without finishing his job, but what. Lisa decided to tell the police the next day what she had remember, maybe it could help them in finding the killer. The next day one of the woman from the orphanage accompanied her to the police station to make her statement, she went over her story hundreds of times. The police couldn't understand why the person who had murdered Lisa's family hadn't killed her too, what had happened to make him run away. Why did he want to kill her family, there were so many questions to be answered. Lisa told them how she remembered shouting, how she went to look and then suddenly saw her brother being pointed by a gun. She then remembered being upstairs and seeing how her father was being battered by a baseball bat, she must have been hiding. Maybe the killer didn't see her, she couldn't remember what happened next. Just when she got up again and found the bodies scattered across the floor covered in blood, the rest was a blank. ...read more.


Lisa felt faint, she had murdered her father and he had murdered her mother and brother. Why, what had happened for him to act this way. Why would he want to get rid of his family, why take away the only thing left in his life. She cried, she sat at the foot of the stairs and balled her eyes out. She looked at her hands, they were bloody hands. Assassins hands, she had the killer instinct inside her. She couldn't keep living like that, who knows if she would be able to control it. She felt empty, she had no reason for living. Her family ha gone, she was a murderer. Lisa walked over to the garage and took a can of gasoline, she went into the house and started spilling it all over her body. She felt the fresh gasoline run down her face and felt more alive than ever, she was starting to see clear again. She took hold of a match and gently lit it, suddenly she went up in flames. Her whole body was burning, she felt the pain but didn't scream. She remembered her mother and brother, she remember getting the bat and bashing her father to death. The heat was unbearable but she just stood there, feeling her death to every extent. Soon she would be reunited with her family, nobody would ever know why her father did what he did and what actually happened that night. But she didn't care, all she could think about was feeling once again her mothers breath against her neck while she whispered into her ear.... "I love you." ...read more.

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