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Fighting for her life

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Would you just let your sister die? Well let me tell you the story and then you can decide. Still silence... I was awake for about three hours now, but it felt like my lonely spirit was still alone in this house. My sister is usually awake by now, but for a strange reason she was still fast asleep on a Sunday afternoon. I became more nervous; I slowly started to sweat, looking at the clock- tick tack, tick tack- whilst trying to watch TV. I couldn't do it. Something was not right. I told myself I'll go check up on her in five minutes... the time was growing slower and slower, while the sound was becoming louder and louder. Tick. Tack. Only two minutes gone, but already thoughts were flying around my head; "was the day today?", "what if it's our last day?", "what will I tell mum and dad?", "how could this happen?" I had endless questions running in and out of my brain without any invites. I could not help it- I could not help myself. I guess I really do love her. After long five minutes, I bravely stood up and started to walk towards the stair. I felt a shiver run down my spine as my back faced the polished white doors. I stopped sweating and soon started to shake- was this from the wind finding it's way into my house or was it simply just my nerves? ...read more.


It was great fun and I could see Antonia enjoying every second of every minute while we were away, although Antonia was very popular for her sense of humour and loved by all her friends because she was a very bubbly teenager. However, when we got back Antonia was going through the pictures that we managed to take on our summer vacation. Great memories. Well... that's what I thought. "Does my bum look big in this picture?" She asked me as she evaluated every little detail of her body. "No, it looks fine. And please don't ask me this again as I don't feel right answering these type of questions about my older sister." She smiled but also gave me a bit of a dirty look which made me go to my room. As I walked up I didn't think much about this question and it never occurred to me what it actually meant! Over the next few days she would always ask me if she looks fat and would often complain about putting on weight, even if it was just a hundred grams that day. As a boy, I didn't know much and would just tell her to shut up, but over the weeks she became more irritable and I would soon call her fat. She wasn't, but it just came out. "Fat?!" she would scream in my face. I nodded and walked off. ...read more.


You won't die. You'll survive. I promise." "Was she going to change her life?" I thought as I left her room to bring her some normal food for once. It felt as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but deep down there was something trapped in me which was bringing me down and making me feel heavy. She reached her 17th birthday. Four years of fighting her evil eating disorder. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." We sang her the birthday song, as a smile filled her face and her eyes sparkled like diamonds; I never saw her as happy as she is now since our vacation. Remembering that talk I had with her last year, gave me so much strength and hope that she will win and stay with us for longer. If she has gone this far she can go on for longer. The next Sunday I was awake for three hours, and she was still asleep. It was a Sunday afternoon and she would be awake by now; but it felt like my lonely spirit was still alone in this house. This was the day. This was the end. A week after her 17th birthday she has been found collapsed in her bedroom by me. And she was dead. Although it seemed like she was healthy again, we didn't realise where the food has been going for the past two years. In her stomach and out again into the toilet, or even under her bed. She starved herself to death... ...read more.

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