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Film Review : Just My Luck

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Film Review: - Just My Luck How would it feel to be the luckiest person in Manhatten? How would it feel to be drenched from head to toe in rainwater by a car? How would it feel to win the lottery? How would it feel to be branded the 'disaster of all disasters'? Well ask Ashley and Jake ... they should know, they've both been there! In 'Just My Luck' the 'one and only' lucky charm Ashley, meets the bad luck magnet Jake and catastrophe strikes! ...read more.


However, desperate Ashley is determined to get her good luck back; but then she discovers that losing her luck maybe the luckiest thing that ever happened to her! Maybe the 'terrible' twist of fate wasn't as 'terrible' as it seemed. As a result of this movie being a must see comedy, it will have you laughing your socks off; crying your eyes out and no doubt shouting at the television. 'Just My Luck' gives insight to two different lifestyles. You will be glued from the beginning to the end; this is a fabulous movie! ...read more.


They hot up the screens of this gripping movie and also by bringing their fantastic, modern music; this makes the film all the more special to see. However hilarious this film is, it still has a romantic side to it and the director and cast obviously show this through the successful body language, tone of voice, and brilliant acting skills. This 'not just a chick flick' movie is fun for all the family! It just goes to show how luck can come and go quicker than you think! I wonder what destiny has lined up for you? Are you a lucky charm or a bad luck magnet? By Sandy Clarke 10RF ...read more.

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