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Film Review of "Every Child is Special (Taare Zameen Par".)

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´╗┐Every Child is Special (Taare Zameen Par) Setting: http://istoptoblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/like-stars-on-earth.jpg?w=403&h=283 In Mumbai and Panchgani's New Era High School in India Characters: * Ishaan Awasthi - He is a boy who has dyslexia and he proved that even when someone has an disability, they can still do amazing things in this world that we are living in. * Ram Shankar Nikumbh - He is the ?once? a substiture teacher of Ishaan. He also has dyslexia when he was still a child and through his experience, he taught and helped Ishaan to boost up his self-esteem and confidence. * Maya Awasthi ? the loving mother of Ishaan.who really loved her children no matter what happens or what circumstances that stands in their way. ...read more.


When Ishaan reached the limit, he was sent to a boarding school to be disciplined. In his new school, all things are the same and it only got worse because he got traumatized because of his separation from his family and also the criticism of the teachers and students in the school. But one day, a new art teacher, Mr. Nikumbh, surprised into their class. They ?broke the rules? by having of ?how things are done? and after it, they were asked to paint. Ishaan did not do anything and he knew that Ishaan was not happy. He sets out to discover the reason behind all of the things that is happening to Ishaan. ...read more.


* Do to others what you want other to do to you. * In all things that we do, we must do it with care. Reaction: The movie was indeed great. The lighting, the sounds, and the actors are great. The plot of the story of the movie is also great. Everything is great about the movie, especially the message of the movie to the watchers. I learned so many things by just watching the movie. It teaches us to not judge others quickly and that we should never give up. It also tells us that what matters at the end of the day is what you?ve done to improve yourself. It has so many values in it. And many children and teens can relate to the movie as well. It was really uplifting to the soul to watch those kinds of movies. ...read more.

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