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Film Review: Shortbus

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English GCSE Coursework: Film Review Shortbus Kicking off with the tag line "Voyeurism is Participation", writer and director John Cameron Mitchell follows up his 2001 cult classic "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with this 2006 Cannes Film Festival release, once again with sex, tragedy, and the human spirit as central theme. This time, though, it's the Americans getting special attention; New Yorkers to be precise. This light-headed production is a medley of 3 separate stories, and of the club of fantastic reverie which brings them together, Shortbus. Mitchell continues his habit of plucking unknowns and TV actors and introduces Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy as gay couple James and Jamie (whose greatest accomplishment is surely to fellate himself as the film begins). ...read more.


And Everything Else" which delicately pepper a background of carnal gyration. Keep a keen eye and you'll notice that when James and Jamie are talking about Ceth and about their relationship, the dancer in the back goes from topless in one shot, to with a top in the next. Of course, there was no book upon which this piece of reality-style TV-esque cinema was based; this is for the new generation, although you'll be forgiven for finding similarities between Mitchell and Peter Greenaway's voyeuristic tendencies, as exulted in his classic of 1989: "The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover". In this film, the simple affair is replaced with dilemmas such as finding a partner in a sex club with a Tamagotchi are offered as the norm - "why hasn't this happened to me?" ...read more.


Like Mitchell's other productions, this is firmly aimed at the under forties, and is a stark reminder that hypocrisy is painful, sex is complicated, and love conquers all. Don't miss the tender moment with the ex-mayor of New York. The crescendo is long as the film comes to its own climax , and though some may find the finale a little premature, when remembering this gem, you'll say: YES, it'll shock you with its gratuitous scenes, YES, it may even challenge some of your until now, dormant prejudices, but above all YES!, you love it for being everything Hollywood isn't: frank, honest, refreshing, and, above all, strangely moving. Get it out, invite some friends round, and "Vive Le Shortbus"! 8.5/10 ?? ?? ?? ?? Sunday, 20 April 2008 Page 1 of 1 James Chard ...read more.

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