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Film review-Sixth Sense

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The Ultimate review of the sensational Sixth Sense Not every gift is a blessing This blood-tingling, supernatural thriller - running at approximately 107 minutes will keep you barricaded behind the sofa firmly. The Sixth Sense will be seen by many as just another horror film but is it much more than that. It is a psychological thriller that can interact with us in so many ways. Heading upstairs after receiving an award at a ceremony for helping children with psychological problems, Dr. Malcolm Crowe and his wife discover a mysterious broken window. A sound emerges from the bathroom and Dr. Crowe heads over to investigate in which he discovers his patient "Vincent Grey" semi-naked. Vincent blames Crowe for his life which is still in extreme trauma. ...read more.


Four words "I see dead people" is enough to sum up the occasion. Bruce Willis does not seem to fit into his role as Dr. Crowe compared to his bad-ass cop appearances in the Die Hard movies. In the Sixth Sense Bruce Willis isn't as loud and active as he is in the Die Hard series. He just doesn't seem to connect with or act out the character he plays effectively which is a real down-sider to the movie. They can certainly be described as opposite roles and Bruce Willis must be praised for his attempt at trying different genres in the Hollywood industry even if it always doesn't pay off! ...read more.


This allows the viewer's access to the sinister world of the dead that Cole is trapped in. The significance of the other characters most notably Mischa Barton when she pops out of nowhere as Cole is inside his tent are great additions to the movie. These short but valuable moments engage the viewer inside the movie throughout. Verdict: Sixth Sense is certainly a breath of fresh air with a mix of psychological thriller and horror imagery. Anticipate a lot of emotions to be flowing through you during the course of this movie, also with a few jumps out of your seats in wild erratic directions, unexpectedly in store for you. So do you believe? Watch the film and find out for your self! ...read more.

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