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Fire - tragic story

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?Don?t go today, Daddy!? babbled Sarah, my three-year old daughter. ?Daddy has to go, dear. He will be back in time to cut your cake,? my wife, Lisa reasoned lovingly. I felt my heart tear to leave my darling daughter on her birthday, but I had no choice. I had to go to work. ?Daddy will be back soon to cut your chocolate fudge cake, Sarah,? I promised Sarah. I kissed my children ? Sarah, Victoria and John- and my seven month pregnant wife, Lisa goodbye and headed off to work. We had just found out that Lisa was carrying a boy and decided to name him Darren. We were eagerly looking forward to the arrival of baby Darren. I took a last glance at my lovely family ? it was the perfect portrait of the perfect family. Upon reaching my workplace, I was overwhelmed by large volumes of work to be completed. I immediately set out to finish them. ...read more.


Unfurling itself, in all of its dark calamity. I smelt its pungent, acrid odour. The acrid smoke, rose up like a pernicious python; a strangulating serpent, stifling the life out of its victim. I dashed to my house. The smell grew in intensity. The smell of a destructive fire, lit with ill will, burning up someone?s happiness, burning up someone?s house. It was burning up my house. My heart was in my mouth, palpitating wildly. Without a care for my own safety, I ran into my burning house, looking for my family. I saw Lisa and Sarah huddled at a corner, the flames distorting their image. Victoria was at the other side. Formidable flames blocked my way to them. John was nearby. It would be easy to save him, only him. Just then a beam gave way. It landed on Victoria?s head. I saw her collapse and lie motionless in pool of her own blood. I saw my own daughter die. ...read more.


But the situation had been different. In the morning, Sarah wanted me to stay, to share in her joy. But now, Sarah wanted me to save her. She did not want to die. She was just four years old! How could she die? I looked into her eyes, seeing only fear. I could see it in her eyes; she was pleading me to save her life. ?Go David, go. I love you,? Lisa sobbed. The tears gather at my eyes. With whatever strength I can summon, I turn my back to them. I did not want to see my family razed to the ground. I flinched as I heard the agonizing screams of Lisa and Sarah. The flames were engulfing them and there was nothing I could do. It was the most painful thing in the world- watching everything you hold dear to your heart burn into nothingness. The pain smashed my heart into uncountable smithereens. Later I found out that little Sarah had tried to light her cake on her own. But her inexperienced hands torched the house. My daughter was born and died on the same day. ...read more.

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