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First Flight

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First Flight It was early hours of the morning that we had to get up, when it was still dark and damp. We had to be in the airport for half past four. Which wasn't so bad as all we had to do was get dressed and be ready for the taxi, because we got all our luggage ready the day before so we didn't have to rush around. I remember hearing the alarm go off in my mum's room, as I lay on my bed for most of the night thinking of all the fun we would have. Swimming in the sea, visiting new place and cities and most of all it would be my first flight on an aeroplane. I was only ten then, so going abroad was an adventure to me. My brother and my sister had been abroad before, as they went skiing with their school in year ten and eleven. I think of all the things they were going to enjoy the most was the sunshine and the golden beaches of Majorca, escaping the wintry weather of Wales. " Time to get up everyone!" Mum shouted across the house with joy. I sprung out of my bed like a cheetah, straight into the bathroom to have a wash. ...read more.


I remember us sitting in the lounging area, where travellers were taking naps and reading their books, we went there to see the aeroplanes landing and taking off. Even though it was still dark we could still see the lights of the planes and the jumbo's, which were parked up ready for passengers to board. Around half past five we went back to meet mum to get ready, on the way back me my sister and my brother took the easy ride, on one of the treadmills. " Did you go and see the planes taking off?" Mum asked. " It was great!" I said, " We even had a ride on one of those treadmill thingies, that save you from walking a long distance." "Great! Know we must go and board ourselves onto the plane. Has everyone got their hand luggage with them?" Mum said cheerfully. "Yep!" Everyone shouted. As we were all on mum's passport we didn't have to wait long before going onto the plane. Before going on we had to pass through the metal detector for safety reasons and our luggage through an x-ray machine. We were all done. I was so excited by then, we passed through a tunnel, which leads us into the plane, this tunnel was very cold and narrow, rather like a tunnel where the players come out of from the changing rooms onto the field. ...read more.


And then suddenly it tipped to about 45 degrees, it felt really cool and strange in a funny way, before we took off mum told me to suck on a 'Werthers Original', so that my ears wouldn't pop or go funny. We stayed on an angle for quite some time before we reached a surtan height where we levelled out. It took just minutes to get the plane so high in the sky, before long we could get out of our seats and walk about, go to the toilet, or for a wash. The plane was very comfortable, it had lovely soft reclining seats, and the floors were covered with colourful carpets it was all there to make you more comfortable with flying on a plane. In front of me, at the back of the seat, which was in front of me, there was a small television screen with buttons to change the channel. I thought to myself ' High tech, or wat', the seats we sat in even had earphones for us to hear the sound on the T.V, or we had the choice to listen to the radio instead. After a while I remember a steward coming around the aisles with a trolley, offering people some breakfast or a drink. The stewards were very polite and friendly; always there when you wanted something, all you had to do was push a button and wait for a light to come on, until a steward/stewardess came to help you. ...read more.

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