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For Elderly People To Be Able To Drive!

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For Elderly People To Be Able To Drive! I am here to talk to you about whether or not old people should be allowed to drive. It is my objective to captivate your minds and persuade you to believe the fact that old people should be able to drive. My personal view is that as an elderly person has passed their driving tests then they are obviously fit enough to drive the car well enough. A proven fact is that as people grow older we are more susceptible to disease and physically retarding conditions like arthritis, though it is possible to be affected at an early age, this does not mean to say that every pensioner has something wrong with them that can lead to a fatality from physical limitations and should not be penalised by this inconsiderate stereotype. In 1996, statistics were produced showing injuries where drivers over 60 only had 1,927 deaths or injuries. The rate showing that drivers aged 24 or under experienced 4,253 deaths. The total involvement for the age group 60-69 was 117 whereas for the 20-29 age group it was 507. So statistically speaking, pensioners are more aware of hazards on the road and drive more accordingly than the new drivers. ...read more.


Elderly drivers may be seen driving down the streets at a slow pace, but which would you rather hit your child, a teenager driving 20 mph over the legal limit or a pensioner driving 20 mph under the legal limit? I realize I have over exaggerated, but I feel it is quite important that you are not overpowered by the common stereotype of pensioners and give them a free chance at living out the rest of their lives with ease. (LOOK AT POWERPOINT AND DISCUSS THE CRASHES!) In 2007, statistics were produced again showing the country that crashes are more common among young drivers than any other age group. I have recently found out that 1 in 4 crash fatalities involve someone who is in the age group 16-24; this is nearly twice as high as other age groups. I cannot understand why people today want to see pensioners off the road for good. They have been driving for what I assume to be decades, with each passing day learning something knew or being reminded of some rule they might have needed reminding of. They are more experienced than any other driver out on the roads and yet people seem to want to be left on the roads with lunatic drivers who put them and their families in a lot of risk. ...read more.


This remains the highest through to the age of 24 but is still the greater than the pensioners crash rate. Teenage deaths have also been on the increase as approximately two-thirds of teenage deaths occur when other teenagers are driving. We can't ignore this fact no longer. Teenage drivers are indeed the worst drivers on the roads. I am not going to tell you that elderly drivers are the best drivers, but compared with the majority of youth drivers, they are certainly the more qualified and dignified drivers and should be kept on the road. I am now going to play a video showing a car crash... as you have just seen, the teenagers were driving so ferociously that they even uprooted a cemented metal pole and sent gate fragments flying approximately 20feet away. I think its extremely lucky of the teenagers that they escaped with only scrapes and bruises as a few if not all of them could have been killed in the stupidity of their actions. Whilst the teenagers are driving (animal like) they feel fearless and majestic but as soon as the police catch them they show themselves for what they really are, scared and mendacious, dispelling them of their egotistical ways of life. Thank you for listening and I hope that you no longer see elderly drivers as an insult to road safety. Ben Williams 10-1 Word Count - 1338 ...read more.

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