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For which characters in Of Mice And Men do you feel sympathy the most?

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'Of Mice And Men' Essay Question: For which characters in Of Mice And Men do you feel sympathy the most? Refer closely to the novel in your answer. I felt some sympathy for Curley's wife as she was the loneliest of them all. She had a husband who didn't love or respect her as he went to brothels. As well as Curley's wife I pitied Slim. He has a lot of responsibility and calms everything down in a tense situation. He was the only person who knew that George shot Lennie after the death of Curley's wife, which shows the amount of responsibility that is on his shoulders. I have some for Crooks as he is at a disadvantage as he is black so will have a lot of prejudice towards him. He is not allowed in the bunkhouse and so he would be very lonely. He also has the disability of having a crooked back. ...read more.


Lennie always has George telling him what to do because he keeps on doing stupid things. In a way Lennie should be pleased about someone keeping a lookout for him but because Lennie is so slow he is upset by it and sometimes Lennie loses his temper. I felt sorry for him most when Curley started a fight with. 'Lennie's hands remained at his side; he was too frightened to defend himself. This is because people usually feel sorry for things that are defenceless. But even after Curley had repeatedly punched him Lennie still shows remorse for breaking his hand, which shows he is a 'nice fella' . A guy who you wouldn't want something like this to happen to. 'I didn't wanta hurt him.' The reason I don't feel sorry for Lennie is because he has a companion like George to look after him and because he is so stupid he doesn't realise what how poor his lifestyle is. ...read more.


So George can be thankful that it wasn't vice versa. 'Lennie who had been watching imitated George exactly' This shows that Lennie adores George and is a kind of role model. It also shows that Lennie likes him so he won't double cross him. He is too stupid to do that anyway. I have little empathy to with Curley, as he is lonelier than ever without his wife. He is always getting into fights, which could mean that he is looking for attention. I have sympathy for is the Boss, as he owns the place. He is most probably rich and has a lot of luxuries compared to the workers .I do have some empathy towards the boss .He also has a lot of responsibility as he has to run the ranch and has a son like Curley who is always causing trouble. Through this book Steinbeck tried to portray what the poor people felt at the time. It shows us that the 'American' dream doesn't always come true and that the battle between the 'good guy' and the 'bad guy' doesn't always go in the 'good guy's' favour. ...read more.

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