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Frankenstein. Mary Shelley creates the sense that Frankenstein is a monstrous character because he abandoned the creation after he saw how hideous it was.

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Frankenstein Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelly. The main story line is that Victor Frankenstein is brought up with his parents and Elizabeth his cousin. Later on in his life he decides to do an experiment. He tries to create life by putting together lots of different body parts. He succeeds in creating the monster and bringing it to life but when he sees it alive he rejects it because he sees that it is a hideous monster. The monster then runs off to find out how he is different and to learn about humans, by watching a family living in a house in the middle of the woods. He then wants to seek revenge on Frankenstein for making him such a horrible monster. The book finishes with Frankenstein chasing the creation across the North Pole because the creation killed his wife and father at his wedding. Frankenstein then dies of the flu. This novel is linked to Mary Shelley's life. ...read more.


The creation kills Frankenstein's father and his wife, he might have killed the wife because he was jealous that he didn't have one, or he was jealous that no one loved him, as he has been rejected by Frankenstein. The creation may have been thinking that Frankenstein doesn't deserve friends or family because he doesn't have any. Mary Shelly almost creates a warning to Frankenstein and Elizabeth when he creates the monster and it turns out hideous and deformed. This is a warning to them because they are brother and sister and they got married, this could be saying that this is a vision of things to come; having children with a sibling normally makes the child deformed, like the creation was. Elizabeth and Frankenstein grew up together and were very close, they did everything together but Frankenstein refused to speak to her or to see her while he was creating the monster. He was trying to get rid of everything and everyone that could be a distraction. ...read more.


Shelly shows that the creation is partly human because at the very end when the monster sees that Frankenstein has died he feels guilt and goes and burns himself. This also shows that the creation has some morals which makes him seem even more human. I think that it is a great novel because it shows that man can't play God and that society has very high standards. The novel also shows that people normally judge a book by its cover, they never normally get to know people if they look like that. I think that the most monstrous character in the novel is Frankenstein, not his creation because he has done a lot of monstrous things like stealing body parts from graves, creating a hideous monster and rejecting it when he first sees it and also hunting it down and trying to kill it. This novel also shows that society in a whole is very monstrous too because the novel says that he was rejected by the people of the town, so they are just as bad as Frankenstein. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jack Steven 7/9/2009 Frankenstein ...read more.

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