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Free at last

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Smooth, soft, salty tears of boredom and rage rolled down my dry, dehydrated face as I slouched in my confined bedroom, disappointed, destroyed, devastated. Attempting to occupy my self over in the past had ended in complete and utter failure. I had still not been able to find a hobby I had enjoyed and was running out of options. I departed from my grand chamber- a sloppy single unmade bed, my pupils dishing out a mixture or emotions forcing my eyes to begin streaming with tears. The fact that the dogs were repeatedly begging at my shoes for a walk didn't help the situation. After tackling every single available opportunity for the thrill of actually experiencing happiness and horrendously failing, my oval-shaped eyes swivelled in their sockets, over to computer and instantly froze. The computer to me was personally a garbage bin- its appearance was disgusting; its scent was disgusting; it seemed to have only one job, to collect rubbish until it was packed and then cause non stop hassle crashing every minute. Understanding the computer for what it really was, I debated whether or not to give the pointless pc a chance in the dream of accomplishing the impossible- thrilling and filling my unique structure with a source of entertainment. Finally, rapidly rolling my already displeasured eyes, I pressed the oblong switch reviving the hibernated machine; I wearily watched and waited for the straight square monitor to hop up to life. "God, why didn't I ever consider using the computer before?" I thought to myself while browsing through the World Wide Web. ...read more.


Inside the house countless problems floated in the air disturbing everything. Dogs barking, mother shouting, sisters screeching, cats clawing and worst of all my addiction with 'Byond' had resurfaced. I was stressed out to the bone and seriously needed a break from the computer and my house. So leaving behind everything I packed my bags I set out to Eurojam. The two weeks I spent away at camp were truly amazing. I was split into two- A kind hearted person who rarely showed their true colours and the cold wall which lived in my bedroom, lived on the computer...Camp made me feel ready, refreshed and rejuvenated .I thought about tackling the ultimate challenge when I got home- over coming my sad obsession and defeating the computer was all that was racing though my mind. Annihilating 'Byond' once and for all was now a life long dream, a life long dream that had to be completed before it was too late... Eurojam- The fantastic twelve day camp with an unbelievably warm atmosphere deeply inspired me to chuck away my old life and start a clean slate free of addictive games, Having such breezy sunny days and dreamy, magnificent nights where stars twinkled everywhere for hours until light began to rise from the horizon, Euro jam was truly one of the best things that had ever happened to me. After I returned to my house feeling new and improved, I started developing sportive hobbies and kept a safe difference away from the computer at all times. But despite trying to move away from my old life, despite Eurojam the forceful waves of the computer drowned everything out and pulled me in yet again. ...read more.


Alex HH and Shivdude listened with a surprising amount of respect until I was almost finished... "So this is why I quit." I ended looking around eagerly awaiting a response. "Joe, you really are a weak fool!" HH sneered then bust out laughing, howling like a hyena Alex doubling up in the floor beside him. I was shocked, all I'd said to them, and nothing had changed their opinion if anything it had just made them worst. I was distraught "Shiv, let's get out of here and leave the weak baby!!!" Alex shouted already half way through the grass with HH trotting after him like a personal lap dog... But Shiv didn't move. He stuck with me and boomed "Forget you and H! I quit too!!!" This was the second shock of the day for me. Alex and HH stood frozen to the spot. All four of us watched to see who would make the first move. "Come on H we're off." And Alex and H turned their backs on me and Shiv and jogged through the swaying grass back to 'Byond', back to the other side, back to their own destruction. It was too late for them. Before I'd even thought of ringing Alex and HH, they were only listening to 'Byond'- it was too late for me to change their view, only they could accomplish that now. As for me I WAS FREE!!! As I quickly dashed home I could feel the fresh, cool breeze gently blowing against my warm face. Blowing down the prison gates of my old life. Tears of ecstasy tickled down my face. I WAS FREE! ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Gayle 10X 1 of 6 ...read more.

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