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Free Choice.

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English Coursework 3 Free Choice Old Jim had been blind since anyone in the small town of Nevada, Spain could remember. He had invited everyone in town for one of his well known and desired story parties. Jim lived in an old cottage just some miles away from town. Not only was he talented in telling stories, but he was also one of the best piano players in Spain and had been awarded with several prices by the king. This should be an unusual but touching story he was about to tell to everyone who had gathered and been awaiting for days, Old Jim to tell his story. Aunt Isabelle, Laura and a few other women of town had gathered to help Jim with the party preparations. A buffet was set up, the piano put in the living room and decoration hang up even though Jim could not see it. ...read more.


She had survived but was left with the results of the crash. She had thought of suicide several times but had taken all her strength thinking of her family and started a new life. She now worked as a servant in a hotel nearby, she could not find any other job because of her appearance. Although her sound stayed calm, Jim felt how difficult it was for her to talk about it. She had just changed the blankets of room number 3, when a newly married couple arrived at the hotel to spend their honey moon. He was a good-looking gentleman named Pete, she was a young girl who had little idea and experience with life. For the first time since the accident, the young man looked into her eyes and thanked her for her kindness. Early in the morning they would meet for a walk in the forest. ...read more.


He went into the hotel room and locked himself up for several days not allowing anyone in until Sally convinced him. He lay on the bed, covered in tears which hid the scar that crossed his face. It was hardly possible to recognise him and Sally knowing what it felt not to be able to look into the mirror tried her best and encouraged him to look at the positive side of his life. His family and wife visited him regularly, he could feel their rejection. His wife came to visit him daily, then every couple of days and finally no more. Pete lost the need of love from his family and was grateful that Sally helped him as much as she could. Sally became his angel; she had been his one and only hope to deal with his life. Two years later they married, feeling true and intense love. When the story had ended everyone clapped in tears and turned to the back of the room where a couple faced the wall. Everyone knew who they were. ...read more.

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