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"Freeze!" - Creative writing.

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"Freeze!" The loaded fork stopped short of the man's mouth. His eyes scanned the room to find out where the shout came from, his eyes followed to the door of the room and stopped. There in the doorway he could make out four officers, guns ready should he move unexpectedly. "Put your hands where we can see them!" A moment passed as the man wondered whether or not to eat his last forkful before doing as he was told. He thought better of it and put the fork, still loaded on to his plate. Slowly he raised his arms in the air. Officers streamed into the cramped room, surrounding the man there were as many as could fit with space enough to raise a gun. Some officers were what seemed to be too close to the table, but they could not retreat for the officers behind them. One man passed out from the sight, he was dragged out before he caused a commotion. The seated man smiled at the officer's weakness and followed his limp body out of the room with his eyes. There continued a small bustle as the man was arrested, read his rights, cuffed, masked and shackled. He was walked out of the room, up the flight of stairs that led from the basement flat and out in to the street, where he could see how important he was. Squad cars, and two SWAT vans littered the already dark street. The man could just make out the head of the police department sat comfortably in his black, government car. The man was shoved into the back of an armoured van which already contained three well built men. They were fully equipped with batons and cattle prods. The man decided it best to sit quietly and enjoyed the ride in the windowless van. He shut his eyes and dreamed as he swayed with the jolts the dirt road gave the van. ...read more.


Then they began to speed up. "When was the last time he had food?" He told of the crisps, interrupting they asked what flavour. "Roast Chicken." "Who gave them to you?" "Another officer, I don't know his name." "Do we look stupid?" The man did not answer. "No officer is allowed to give you food." "But-" "No officer would give you chicken flavour crisps." The man put his head down as in defeat. "And before that? What was the next before last thing you ate?" "Lunch." "Consisting of?" "Meat." The man had raised his head to look the officer in the face before he had replied. A look clouded both officers' faces. The seated officer rose and motioned the other to sit. This officer was dressed differently, for one she wore a dark blue skirt rather than trousers. Instead of the usual white shirt the men wore, she wore a light blue blouse and a small tailored dark blue waistcoat. "This, " motioned the now standing officer, "is officer Ali, first name Aliya. She is very familiar with your type of problem." "Hello." A quiet, slightly shaky voice indicated she was not as good as her introduction. "Hello Miss." The man said politely. "Address the officer properly." "Nice to meet you officer Ali." "That's okay officer. Let the man relax." The standing officer grunted indignantly and walked towards the door to lean against the wall near the light switch. "Okay. Let's start." The young lady produced a bunch of papers from a small briefcase by her feet. "These are just a few character tests I need you do to so that I can help you. Would you mind taking one of these?" She looked at the officer for approval. He nodded. "Not at all officer. I know I'm sick and need help. But I haven't the will power." The man looked genuine in his feelings. ...read more.


It dropped the meat and attacked him again on his other hand hoping for a larger piece. Rats on the man's belly ripped and clawed their way past the skin, getting to the soft meat beneath it. Five especially fat rats tunnelled through the man into his abdomen and chest. The man could not breathe, as his lungs were half eaten. He coughed up blood and in it was a bit of a rat's tail. The man retched but nothing came up as his stomach was on the floor in front of him. Eventually the man ceased to move. His efforts for survival had been futile. The rats continued their meal until all that was left was the bones of a man. When they were full they sat in the corners of the room letting the still-hungry rats gorge till they themselves could eat no more. Hours passed and slowly the rats scampered back to their homes on the other side of the flaps, where more food was. When every rat had gone, two officers shut the flaps, opened the door and collected the remains. They remarked about how efficient the rats were getting, this one had died within two hours of being locked in. The other remarked the time was too short and that every non-vegetarian should endure the most torture they could receive before dying. They both agreed that all meat eaters should be put to death and that this was the most fitting way for it too be done but they still continued to argue over how long it should last. Their argument lasted all the way to the dump where they threw the filled bin liners into a newly dug pit, big enough for thirty bags or so. By then they had grown tired of the discussion and were now debating whether to go to the new veggie-restaurant, or go to the usual veggie noodle bar for lunch. ...read more.

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