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Friar Lawrence is called before a tribunal chaired by the Prince to give an account of his part played in the tragedy.

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Romeo & Juliet English Essay Friar Lawrence is called before a tribunal chaired by the Prince to give an account of his part played in the tragedy. It was an abnormal Sunday morning in the streets of Verona, it seemed as if birds and trees were quieter than usual and had also been affected by the tragedy of the two lovers. The usual market square had few people strolling down the usually crowded streets. It was the day of reckoning, the day of the friar's tribunal, it had been a few days since the fatal out come of the Capulet's daughter and Montague's son. Since that time a funeral had materialized and the two noble honourable families had called peace. The Prince had given the friar a day or so to recoup and get his account of his part in the ill-fated catastrophe straight. He was due to attend at the Town Hall when the clock struck 9. The Friar had woken up early as usual, and also said his usual morning prayers. He was getting ready for judgement day, he combed the little hair he had left on his almost baldhead and walked out into the chilly winters day. The Friar thought he was completely to blame for the death of Romeo, Juliet and also the others whose lives were taken from them. ...read more.


Prince: So Friar why did you marry them if you thought it was not right and truly unjustified, without consultation from either of the two families, how could you go behind there backs and do this, knowing the fact that they were both rivals? The friar was stuck on what to say, and it seems as if a tear is rolling down his face. But eventually some words came out, Friar: Well, I married the two because I was wanted this to unite both families and to avoid the unbearable grudge to prolong, as I am sure you would acquiesce with me. Everyone in Verona wanted there to be imperturbable in the streets and there to be no more danger to any of the civilians of Verona, of being caught up in the clashing of the two families. Prince: I hear what you are saying, but the logical thing you should have done was to come and consult me and acquire my help in resolving this matter. In such case we could have saved many lives and all the grief that has come with it. But how would you say your relationship with Romeo was, before he met Juliet? Friar: Well I have known Romeo for all his life, I have seen him grow up and see him at church every Sunday without fail and for any other major events occurring in our town. ...read more.


I ran for my dear life, and begged Juliet to come with me, but devoted to Romeo that she was she also gave up her life, as she knew it was not worth living if Romeo was not in her life So she as her husband killed herself. Prince: There are a few things which I have not stated, my fellow kinsmen also lost their lives with the fooling around of the Friar, my dear Mercutio and Paris have both been slain. We are going to take a five-minute recession while the jury decide upon your outcome. The three men in the jury just talk to each other and discuss upon what they are going to do. Paris: Holy Friar all three men have found you innocent of having a part to play in this devastating outcome, I hope not to see you getting involved with anyone anymore and if I catch you again, your life shall be lost. Friar: That you lord! I fully understand, I am going to improve as a person, I am never going to get involved with anyone's lives again, you can mark my word. Thank you god Prince: Some shall be pardoned, and some shall be punished, For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo. JINESH ADATIA 1 ...read more.

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