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Friendship in Harry Potter

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Ruiz, Juan R. ENC1101 Dr. K. Claus 11-23-04 Essay #6 Friendship in Harry Potter Friendship is an in-depth relationship mixing trust, loyalty and support. It is the combination of understanding, empathy and intimacy. But, no one can form a friendship until he/she realizes that the basis of being friends is meeting the needs of the other person. One must be a friend in order to have one (Mugglenet). Friendship and its main components: loyalty-trust, support, and similar values are very well emphasized in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand for friends. Friends are trusted with secrets, both large and small, because good friends never break a confidence. ...read more.


It is hard to be a good friend as well as to find one. There are many obstacles and situations that may interfere between friends at certain times. However, obstacles are what many times define a true friend. He/she is the one that comes-in when the whole world has walked away. For instance, Harry and Ron risked been spelled from Hogwarts as well as their own lives in order to rescue Hermione from the troll in the girls' bathroom on Halloween. From that day on, the three of them became inseparable friends. Additionally, friends must be flexible and understanding. Whenever there's conflict, it must be resolved for friendship to continue flawlessly. ...read more.


For instance, Ron is one of many brothers in the family, so all he gets are used items from his older brothers. Even worse is Potter, the adopted nephew of the muggle aunt and uncle Dursley, who spoil their son Dudley and in contrast discriminate Harry and make his life miserable. As Harry, Ron, and Hermione, "true friends" support and praise each other. They ignore the others' failures and imperfections. In addition, they never resent the friends' successes; instead they strive to admire his/her achievements. True friends never betray a trust, as Dumbledore said: "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up for our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends" (Rowling 306). ...read more.

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