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GCSE English Media Coursework- How do the filmmakers use different techniques to create and effective trailer for the film trailer Public Enemies

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Nathan Dobson 10N GCSE Coursework - How do the filmmakers use different techniques to create and effective trailer for the film trailer Public Enemies Public enemies is an action-thriller directed by Michael Mann, It was released on the 1st of July 2009, The cast is very promising as it consists of some familiar names, including Johnny Depp who plays the Charming Bank Robber John Dillinger, On the other side of the Law FBI agent Melvin Purvis is played by Christian Bale, Also another big name in Marion Cotillard plays Dillinger's Girlfriend Frechette. The plot is about three of the most notorious gangsters in American History, Along with Dillinger this was Baby Faced Nelson and pretty boy Floyd. The setting is in Indiana in 1933, the setting also moves to New York Later in the film, the film consists of Dillinger's famous bank robberies and his Prison Breakouts, this also made him a cult hero with the American public as they had no sympathy for the banks who got them into the great depression. ...read more.


It also allows the audience to feel like they are part of the action and creates a more enjoyable film for them. A Different technique the Filmmakers use is Digetic sound, which is sound with the source that is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present in the film in the background. An example of this is the use of several different characters voices with different quotations one after another to create a faster pace and make it more exciting. An example of the filmmakers doing this is when agent Purvis says "He could be anywhere" and then it seems to skip to a different setting and time zone to John Dillinger talking to Frechette saying "We could go anywhere" This allows the audience to see the expressions and thoughts of different characters as the story is ongoing. A different type of Sound techniques the Filmmakers use is Non-Digetic Sound, this is sound that has been put in by the filmmakers to create a better effect. ...read more.


This also allows the audience to learn more about the film in the trailer but without giving too much away. The filmmakers use different techniques to create an effective trailer for the film by using these techniques to create a faster paced and more exciting trailer, this is very important in this sort of film due it be an action film. Also I understand from looking at the techniques the filmmakers use is that they try and get the audience more involved in the trailer and make them feel more part of it. This will therefore create a better and more exciting viewing for them. A good example of this is using track as it's like the audience is walking with the Characters in the film, it also creates better action as it gives a more open view and therefore better experience of the surroundings and characters movement, which will tell them more about the film and story. All of the Techniques make a difference to the trailer, they all create a faster paced and creates everything you would expect from an action thriller such as this one. ...read more.

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