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Gender Discrimination

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I worked in Royal London Hospital in the Outpatients Building.There were two main departments i was situated in and they were Health and Records and Opthamology. Opthamolgy is just a big, posh name for eyes. When i was first found out that i got this placement, i was quite chuffed. I imagined to be working in a fancy office, with many computers and highly educated people. Whenever people would ask me where i was working, i would proudly say 'Royal London Hospital'. I remember walking into the department on the first day and my heart just sank with dissapointment. I was in a big, dusty and conjested room. The computers were ancient. ...read more.


They all gossiped about eachother?! It was worse than us, Plashet School girls, to be honest. Yet they always wore a constant mask to cover up what they trully felt. My day usually started by collecting all the files that ended in "7". Then i would sort them in to two piles. The skinnies and fats. Then i would track them on the NHS software. I would sort each pile in a certain numerical order. Then i would file them in a particular area depending on the full number. Then this process would be repeated a number times within a day. The part of working i enjoyed was the way me and my colleague Pam worked. ...read more.


I felt as if i could feel my hair growing. I asked her a number of time whether i could help but she kept sighing and sighing. I felt that i was just a burden. I learnt basic skills like filing, sorting, tracking, prepping, using the NHS software. I think i've also learnt to just mind my own buisness and keep opinions to myself at times. I've learnt how to adapt to different surroundings and people in a short space of time. People kept on asking me, what i wanted to do when i leave school but to be honest i have no idea. I want to go into many things and would like to work as different things. Like i would love to go into journalism or marketing but i wouldn't mind going into medicine. I probably let fate make that decision. ...read more.

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