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Genre Mashup Story. It was the highest energy signal the Captain had ever seen, and it could only mean one thing

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?Captain, we?ve acquired an strong energy signal from the planet C3704. You may want to come and see this,? one of the bridge officers shouted out. The Captain of the Translactent, the finest spaceship Earth has ever created, hurried over to his position. A holographic map of the system popped up, and a bright green light pulsed on planet C3704. It was the highest energy signal the Captain had ever seen, and it could only mean one thing? ?Contact HQ. Tell them we?ve located the secret weapon,? the Captain ordered. ?One moment? Communication established. The Head want to speak with you personally sir,? one of the officers replied. ?Captain, you are hereby permitted to commence your attack. Retrieve the weapon at all costs. Do not fail me again, or else?? The Head left the threat hanging in the air, and the transmission ended. The Captain broke into cold sweat. He knew what the weapon could do. He had seen what it had done to his men countless times before. ...read more.


~ Another alien hit the dust. Blue team scanned the treetops for signs of more hostiles, but all was quiet. The Captain released his breath, unaware that he had been holding it. Blue team performed flawlessly, but he could not shake the uneasy feeling that something was going to go wrong. Blue team cautiously made their way towards the caves, occasionally backtracking to throw off the possible stalkers. Upon reaching the entrance of the cave, the Captain thought he saw the sunlight reflect on something shiny. He squinted at the place, but could not see it again. Must be my eyes playing tricks on me, he thought, before signaling for Blue team to enter the cave. They reached a surprisingly bright cavern and at the far end of it, sat Zaragok. ?Welcome, my friends. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Now, seeing that I have you outnumbered, put down your weapons and surrender. I assure you that your deaths will be quick and painless,? he said. The Captain scoffed. ?We?re outnumbered? There?s only one of you, but ten of us,? he said. ...read more.


His singing was terrible and off key. It was torture! Then, the song changed to ?Gangnam Style? and the Captain found himself dancing Psy?s idiotic dance. Suddenly, a loud thump echoed in the cavern. Zaragok?s expression changed from glee to one of horror. He froze in place, then slumped onto the floor, a knife sticking from his back. The Lieutenant emerged from the shadow, grabbed the Dance Ray, and blasted them once more. The Captain was relieved to find himself in control of his body once more. ?Sorry we took so long, but we couldn?t resist watching you dance for a while,? the Lieutenant grinned. ?The Head said that they were sending people to collect us, and that we were to stay here. Our ship is going to meet the fleet at the rendezvous point then bring them here,? he reported. The Captain dipped his head in acknowledgement. There was a brief silence. So what do we do now?? the Lieutenant asked. The Captain smiled, and then blasted them all with the Dance Ray. ?Baby baby baby oh, baby baby baby no!? The noise of the soldiers singing and dancing along to the music echoed across the planet. ...read more.

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