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George Orwells (1903-1950) 'Animal Farm' (written in 1945) and Jonathan Swifts (1667-1745) 'A Modest Proposal' (written in 1729) are both texts written 200 years apart.

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George Orwells (1903-1950) 'Animal Farm' (written in 1945) and Jonathan Swifts (1667-1745) 'A Modest Proposal' (written in 1729) are both texts written 200 years apart. They are both satirists, writing about political issues around Russia (George Orwell) and Ireland (Jonathan Swift). Each author wrote about the human acts in their time. At the time when Orwell wrote his novel, the Russian revolution had just ended and W.W.II had just finished. Stalin was in power in the Soviet Union and was in a communist rule. At this time, George Orwell was in Britain writing in the form of another person. He was writing to say what was happening in Russia in the form of a farm. Just over 200 years before George Orwell wrote his novel, Jonathan Swift made a pamphlet. At this time, there was poverty in Ireland. He suggested to the British Government, by using a pamphlet, to put forward a case to use the poor children to be sold as food to the wealthy. ...read more.


The other is that Jonathon Swift wrote his pamphlet with his own knowledge whereas George Orwell probably read Jonathon Swifts ideas to make his book Animal Farm. This was developing the ideas Jonathon Swift formed using satire and talking about the Soviet Union and what was actually happening in the form of using animals and a farm instead of humans and a major country. George Orwell was not talking from the book it was a side, which hated the communists that was talking. He personally was not attacking Stalin; he was just the writing, writing in the view of the people. Same with Jonathon Swift, they did not actually mean what they were saying as the text being spoken was not in there view. They write the texts by using irony. This is because the authors meaning are different from what is read by the reader. George Orwell uses characters to put forward his text. He uses animals instead of humans (these are who the animals are referred to), and the animals have different personalities and are arranged into groups of who is in power and who is not. ...read more.


This can make the people who read this pamphlet want to know more for eating children. He makes it sound good like using animals, if we leave the pig for a month it would get larger so there is more to eat. I think personally that A Modest Proposal was more effective as it was arguing and a smaller basis but showed so much detail in this small pamphlet. He uses all the things that Animal Farm has, irony, characters (animals) and also other items but is smaller and quicker to read. Even though Animal Farm is more like a story book that could be read as normal reading it has background information that you have to realise and you have to really concentrate to work out what this means. Whereas A Modest Proposal is hard to understand but with a dictionary present it is easy to understand if you concentrate only on the text. Animal Farm would be found as more interesting to teenagers whereas A Modest Proposal would be a more of an Adult pamphlet or even for Politicians to read. These texts are two similar and very interesting texts. ...read more.

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