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Ghost story It has been 2 lengthy tormenting weeks since I last seen my brother he told me

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Ghost story It has been 2 lengthy tormenting weeks since I last seen my brother he told me he was going to take some photos of the hoshika mansion. I decided to go look for the mansion. As I arrived at the mansion I felt a strange presence as if someone or something was watching me. There had been many shocking news reports of evil sacrifices inside the house and it has been derelict for over twenty years. It was a dark shadowy night the worn windows of the empty manor were smashed and had cobwebs in them. The adequately woven pattern of the cobwebs showed the age of the house. I approached the antique eroded door to the mansion apprehensively my heart was hammering like a mass army entering the enemies territory. ...read more.


I heard footsteps approaching me I could not see anything they where getting louder and louder and closer to me I began to panic all of a sudden they stopped. I turned around and looked there was nothing there I felt a strange sensation inside I could not do anything I got a dreadful pain in my chest the pain the pain spread out throughout my body it was getting unbearable all of a sudden an extremely bright light floated towards me. The pain started to ease off I felt a peaceful it was such a happy feeling it surrounded my whole body. I heard a soothing voice it was like an angel it was so calming I felt like I was being shielded it began to speak "go you can get out alive if you go now ...read more.


As I walked across the old crooked floorboards I found a small object on the floor I shone the torch on it. It was my brother's camera why was his camera lying here? Did the evil get him? Lots of scary thoughts came into my head. There was a banging noise coming from the room upstairs I walked up the creaking old staircase to this room I entered the room and the banging stopped. I was horrified to find bloodstains on the walls. The room looked like it held evil sacrifices in I began to imagine what it must have been like I could feel the torment and pain the deprived souls went through. The stench was revolting I began to feel sick................... Chris Mckellar 19309 5155 Page Mrs. Kennedy ...read more.

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