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Ghost Story - The Caretaker

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Lee Welshman 11AJ English Coursework: Ghost Story - The Caretaker "OI LOSER! PICK UP THE CRAP!" This is the way he always got treated. No one gave a second thought about him. They thought that just because he was the caretaker who picked up the rubbish, he didn't deserve any respect.......but they wished they'd have gave him some. After 10 years of cleaning up after people who just didn't care. People who laughed at him for don't his job, picking up their rubbish. Peeling up snotty tissues in the rain in his bright yellow Rain Mack, whilst they laughed at him through the window, he pretended he couldn't see them. After 10 years or this, every day, he has had enough. On his 10 yeah anniversary of being shouted at and just being disregarded, he had decided, this was it. The end, for him anyway. He walked into his stockroom, the one they banged on the door every single time they walked past, every single person. They thought it was funny, but they didn't know that he sat in there crying, through the pain of how they treat him. He didn't even get treated right by the teachers; they shoved him in a room with the boiler. This was it. ...read more.


"George?" Mark muttered. "Who's George?" The glass began to shake angrily it violently it moved to T, H, E, C, A, R, E, T, A, K, E, R. "The Caretaker?" Casey asked, "Isn't he dead?" "Isn't that kind of the point of this?" Said Mark. "Whatever!" Said Casey, "I know one of you is behind this, I don't remember no George!" "As If!" Said Helen, we know its you, this stuff isn't even real!" "Well then!" said Casey quietly, "We'll find out now! GEORGE WHOEVER YOU ARE! WILL YOU COME TO US?" At this it all went silent, and then they all looked at each other and started to giggle, then the floor started to shake, the glass shoot out of their hands and landed on "YES!" There was a bright light, and more shaking. But then it stopped. All was silent and dark again, apart from a small ball of light inside the glass. They looked at each other in shock. Then Helen quickly rose to her feet. "This isn't funny any more you tw....!" She had stopped, Casey and Mark didn't know why. She looked in pain, then she rose from the ground, then they noticed, she had a mop through her stomach, and she was suspended in the air. ...read more.


She was in George's room; she saw the Ouji board on the floor, then George, stood there in the corner. He had a pair of tree trimmers in his hand. Anne knew this was it for her. Even if she could reach the door in time, she wouldn't be able to open it. "Ready to die Anne?" George asked, but the she noticed and thought back to what Casey has told her, the glass "THE GLASS!" She shouted "What?" George asked? "The Glass, you're not going to kill me, or anyone else!" She ran across the room and picked up the glass with the small ball of light in it. "No Anne, NO! I WONT GO BACK AGAIN!" George screamed. "It's too late now" She threw the glass on the floor, it smashed and a bright white light flooded the room. Anne was blinded by it. And then it was gone, she was alone in the room. She got up, and slowly unlocked the door and walked out. She walked around the school and looked for an exit. Eventually she found one and walked out. As she walked away, she didn't know what to do first, tell Mark, Casey and Helen parent what had happened, go to the police or just go home and cry, but she knew she has to get away from the school. But as she walked, she heard a low laugh, more like a cackle, coming from inside the school. ...read more.

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