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Gisele slumped forward, screwing her eyes closed as the tiniest rays of sun found their way through the drawn curtains. She drew her knees to her chest and waited patiently for the remnants of sleep to leave her. A pounding headache loomed as she laboured

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The piercing rain continued to pelter down on the lonely figure as it stared aimlessly into the blackening night. Confusion shrouded the frail woman as she wondered how it was that she always wound up standing above the view of the city. She tried frantically to search for a piece of memory that would aid her in remembering the events that which led her to this place. Thunder deafened her ears and a stroke of lightning illuminated the sky. It seemed almost an omen and it startled her feet into flight. She fled down the mountain, down a path she knew all too well, her tears merging with the unrelenting rain. Gisele slumped forward, screwing her eyes closed as the tiniest rays of sun found their way through the drawn curtains. She drew her knees to her chest and waited patiently for the remnants of sleep to leave her. A pounding headache loomed as she laboured out of bed. 'What a splendid way to start the day.' Her eyes fell on a pile of bedraggled wet clothes heaped in the corner. With a look of mild curiosity, she ambled passed the clothes and sank into a couch in the lounge. 'I'll have some of that too, please!' 'Coffee or my hangover?' the movement from the kitchen retorted. 'I'd prefer the coffee, thanks.. Laughter escaped the kitchen and she forced herself to do the same. She reached for her cigarettes and lit one with the grace only an addict could achieve. Nothing better than a cigarette first thing in the morning, she thought, or was it already afternoon? ...read more.


She felt eyes burning with curiosity, her face turning a brighter shade of red. She tried to compose herself as best she could and strolled into the shop with her confidence lying on the floor. She opened her e-mail account, not expecting there to be any entries, but there was. Just one. And it was from 'Graf'. She hesitated before opening it. Why would he write, she asked herself? The last time he wrote was a month before. He had left a message saying that he had to leave his current habitat (he always spoke in this manner) for her to please to keep him in her thoughts, as he would never forget her, nor would he rest until she was made his. He also mentioned that he longed to taste her sweet life-giving blood, and that he needed her assistance in a task he was to fulfill. She had written back and said that she would dutifully help him with anything, as she was his dark lady and was obliged to. Hahaha, is what she had thought when she had typed that to him - he really is a loony! But he had never replied. After numerous attempts, she had given up and decided that he had finally grasped the concept that he was as normal as the next guy, and had found something better to do with his time. She broke out into a sweat as she reluctantly clicked on 'open'. She had no reason to feel threatened by the mail, but she suspected that it would not be good news. My Dark Princess The time has come for your assistance. ...read more.


'From the beginning I wanted to make you mine, now that I have had the chance to behold your uncanny beauty and interact with your life I am certain of it. Those were not dreams you were having. Each time you found yourself on that mountain you had brought me someone to feed on. I thought it best that you didn't recall the whole scene, hence the fragmented memory. Now I feel that you are ready to have me in you.' His words were lost to her and her expression changed from one of fear to one of exasperation and then gave way to one of uncaring. His face hovered in front of hers, then move moved down to her neck. He opened his mouth to reveal a cavern of teeth and sank them into her succulent skin. Intense pain stampeded through her body and the light began to fade. She wanted to scream out, but her voice betrayed her. The last thing she saw was Vlad's face and it was a vision of such horror she surrendered to the fading light. Gisele sat up in bewilderment. She felt so alive. She scanned the room for a minute and felt pains of hunger wretch at her stomach. She felt a little guilty when she realized how long she had been lying on the floor. She reached for her bag and strolled out of her apartment. She wasn't completely sure where she was to begin searching... but she had to do his bidding, besides, she was hungry too. THE END!! By Adam Cox 10IA - Ms. Collins - English - 24/11/01 ...read more.

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