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Given The Context Of The Play Is Lord Capulet A Good Father To Juliet?

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ESSAY TITLE Given the context of the play, is lord Capulet a good father to Juliet? Is Capulet a good father to Juliet or not? In this essay I will be discussing this. In my opinion I say that a father should listen to his daughter and let her speak her opinions to him he should also accept what she wants to do if it is right, and not to force her into anything she don't want to do like forced marriage. In this essay I will be focusing on whether Lord Capulet a good father or not. Lord Capulet is Juliet's father and lady Capulet is Lord Capulet's wife. Lord Capulet is in the play a lot like in the masked ball and the fight in the beginning of the play. ...read more.


Capulet is happy and excited to meet the guest, "Ah ha, my mistresses, which of you all will how to deny to dance." Romeo comes as an uninvited guest to the ball with Mercutio and Benvolio, "You are a saucy boy. Is its so indeed?" Tybalt hears Romeos voice and goes and tells Capulet to tell him to leave so Capulet tells him to leave us alone to or I will start a fight in front of the entire guest. "You'll make mutiny among the guest." Tybalt doesn't listen and goes to Romeo and Capulet gets angry because of Romeo. Where as in Act 3 Scene 5 Capulet decides that Juliet is going to marry Paris so Romeo can forget about Juliet. ...read more.


From his character we learn he is very excited and very happy and pleased for his daughter. In Act 4 Scene 5 Capulet has invited all the guest and family, he is happy it is the wedding day and Juliet has already drank the potion. People think Juliet is dead all the guest are shocked. Lady Capulet and Capulet enter the room and are horrified of the news. "Death that had taken her hence to make me wail, ties up my tongue, and will not let me speak." In Act 5 Scene 3 the Capulet and Montague's shake hands to make up. Romeo and Juliet die by drinking a potion. Ultimately I feel Lord Capulet is a good father to Juliet because he tries to keep her happy but at the end she unfortunately dies. Romeo and Juliet love each other so much they died for each other. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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