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globalization and youth

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Lee wing yi Maggie 7A 13 Globalization and Youth No matter where you are, you can easily find the big "M" sign in red and yellow. McDonalds are chain fast food shops which can be found in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, covering all the major continents in this earth. McDonalds, one of the largest international corporate, has always been the favorite fast food shop for teenagers around the world and it's success demonstrates the impact of globalization on youth. Globalization, an important issue aroused much attention from the public in the recent years, is often thought as a complex economic issue which can only be understood and studied by experts and scholars. ...read more.


Meanwhile, the Chinese traditional culture is getting more attention globally and spread to other countries through the globalization ride. Youngsters in the western counties are now starting to learn Chinese and many of them are more interested in Chinese culture. The recent financial tsunami shows the huge impact of globalization on Youth. Started in the US, the financial tsunami crushes the economic systems of other countries one by one. The Iceland government even becomes bankrupted. It was hard to imagine the disastrous impact brought by globalization. Though this economic recession seems to be unrelated to the youths who have not invested in mini bonds and stock market, their daily activities are in fact much affected. ...read more.


More Multinational corporations set up their branches in Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other competitive cities. Imagine a student form Hong Kong can take part in the interviews and be chosen to work as a staff in the Beijing branch of Google. This kind of opportunities is seldom seem at past. Yet, from another angle, globalization also poses many challenges to youngsters. Youngsters all over the world are in fact competing for the same chances. Thus, the Indian and mainland Chinese students who are talented and hard-working will be the major competitors of the European and American students in the search of better posts in international companies. Globalization deeply affects every one of us. Facing the opportunities and challenges posed by the global trend, youngsters must be well-prepared of themselves and never let the chances slip. ...read more.

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