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Goodbyeee review

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Goodbyeee review Blackadder is one of the most successful comedies to come from Britain and stars Rowan Atkinson (also renowned for Mr Bean). Blackadder's sense of humour mainly focuses on sarcasm and silly situations. The battlefields of World War 1 would hardly seem the ideal place to locate a comedy. But obviously this is the ideal location for the cynical wit of Edmund Blackadder. Captain Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) joined the army before any wars were fought in his time, never dreaming that he would go to war. Now, he's stuck in the trenches with the intellectual Baldrick (Tony Robinson) and Lieutenant George (Hugh Laurie), who wants nothing more to jumps over the top and get shot to death by machine-gun fire. ...read more.


Goodbyeee is the final episode in the series 'Blackadder Goes Forth'. It opens with Blackadder marching along with the men. At the start itself, one can see the smirks and giggles onscreen and can know what to expect later on. The British are not doing well at the war and it is time for the big push. Blackadder is not all that keen to be involved so he sticks a couple of pencils up his nose and underpants on his head. He thinks that this behaviour will convince Melchett that he has gone insane and he will therefore be sent back to England. ...read more.


It also shows that the pointless killing of so many men was because of simple foolishness. In the last episode, all of them (except Melchett) go over the top. There are touching moments, such as Baldrick just wanting to say no, and George wanting to go over the top, but changing his mind, and being scared that he is about to be killed. Blackadder, who has been bitter and cruel and sarcastic to Baldrick and George, reveals that he does, very deep down, like them, saying a very memorable line the second before they go over the top, `Good luck, everyone' The screen fades to a field of poppies, and the Blackadder series, along with all it's characters, disappear forever. Then comes the time when bygones are bygones. ...read more.

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